Back in Ancient Greece, there was a group of philosophers called Stoics, commonly referred to as the front porch philosophers. They would gather on someone’s front porch and discuss many topics–attitudes, beliefs, human behavior, politics—plus other subjects relating to the happenings of that time. Many of the subjects they discussed are similar to the issues Americans face in today’s world.
Back in that time, there was a lot of discussion about political issues and voting in particular. The Greeks adopted a particular method of voting. Balloting back in those times was accomplished by dropping various colored beans into a receptacle. The Stoics motto was “Abstain from Beans.”
The Stoics were well known throughout Greece and were men of strict moral values. They were a respected group and when news traveled around about their motto—don’t vote—many listened and did not vote.
Voting is an expression of choice. Most of us vote every day on something. When we buy one product or a particular brand, we choose that over the other brands on the market. Hence, it is a vote for a specific product and a rejection of other brands. Actually, it’s a good thing and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it.

In a free enterprise, capitalistic system, we are free to choose how we use our property (money) to exchange for other properties (goods and services). In this great moral system, competition is encouraged among manufacturers of goods and services to come up with better brands, so the buyer will choose (vote) for their particular brand.
This is unlike totalitarian forms of government, like in Cuba only 90 miles away, where the political government controls the production of goods and services, subsequently leading to poverty and scarcity.  A Communist form of Socialism where individual Freedom is so curtailed one’s choices for anything is incredibly limited.
However, political voting is different from that which I have described. Specifically, it is disguised coercion performed in secrecy. When one votes for a political candidate, they go into a secret voting booth to cast their ballot in a ballot box. No one knows who the voter has placed their stamp of approval on to be in power over their lives and property.

It is a devious way of employing coercion and sometimes violence upon others. The secret ballot vote ensures that centralized control will replace individual control. Whatever program is implemented by the central power of political government, will be imposed upon everyone and enforced by some agency, department or bureau. 
It is important to remind one that freedom, by definition, is self-control and self-responsibility. No more and no less than just that. To the degree that is absent, is the degree of bondage. A socialized, centralized system of political government nullifies individual self-control by replacing it with the centralized control over their lives and property. Keep in mind, possession is not ownership.

Just because you bought, paid for, and live in a house does not mean you own it. In fact, you do not own it, because in order to do anything to the structure, you must get permission from some agency of government…and sometimes more than one agency. To build a deck, add a room, cut down a tree, among other things, you must get permission to do so on property you thought you owned.  If you do not get permission and pay the required fees, you could be fined, go to jail, or both.
Majority rule is a corruptive method of forcing individuals to abandon self-control and self-responsibility by replacing individual control with a centralized power. Faced with the issue of voting for a candidate to be in power over your life, there are three choices. Vote for, vote against, or do like the Ancient Greeks—refrain from voting at all.

The assumption that the individual is practicing self-rule is simply a misconception. When a person votes on a particular issue and votes against it, and a majority votes for the issue or candidate, the voter (along with all others) is forced to abide by the decision of the majority. This is clearly not self-rule, but mob rule.
The question is whether it is time for Americans to reexamine and rethink long established beliefs that political voting is the correct way of ensuring self-rule. Is this a moral position? Is using coercion to force fellow Americans to be under the yolk of a centralized power that takes away self-control and property? Is it the correct and moral thing to do—to support and vote for a centralized power  that limits choices of self-responsibility and control, which interferes with one’s life and choices and takes away one’s right to own property?

Clearly, there is reason and rationale to refrain from participating in a process designed to remove the property, life, and liberty from another person, if one values their own life, liberty, property and choice making. How can we retain personal property, individual choice making, self-control and self-responsibility if we relinquish or forfeit by voting into power others to replace that?
It’s a widely accepted consensus, we are not entitled to have what we want and deserve what we get, if we do not vote. Many have been propagandized by a socialistic type of news media into believing it is un-American not to participate in the voting process. Many are led to feel guilty if they do not participate in the coercive process. They are led to believe there is some moral right to majority rule, even when logic tells us doing the right thing does not come in numbers, but from a principle.
History has repeatedly shown us the madness of numbers. Political voting is simply a legalized method of obtaining a monopoly of power. Centralized political power is a monopoly.
In the marketplace, when we vote by choosing one product over another, it does not effect what others choose to do. Conversely, political voting is an expressed preference of an intention of binding others to our will that constitutes coercion. It’s all about power and the control of power.

Overtly and covertly, what ALL political candidates seek is power over the lives of others. What they do not verbalize is their intentions, which is to have control over your lives, liberty, and property. What they do not tell you are their beliefs that they can manage your life better than you can by taking your property away from you and out of your control.
Ownership of property is a total concept. If you don’t control it, you don’t own it.
Let Freedom Ring!


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