So much is happening lately the news is like a runaway horse in a frenzy.
As far as yours truly, I’m trying to keep up with the rising grocery costs. I went to the grocery store last week and one three-pound rib roast was priced $40.01. We all know how tasty a rib roast is but we also know it has a large bone and a lot of fat in it. I dare say that three-pound roast did not have more than two pounds of lean, edible meat in it. I called the butcher out to make sure he had not made a mistake in pricing. He assured me he had not. So I picked up a much cheaper cut of meat, marinated it overnight, but it was still too tough to chew.

I have changed my buying habits somewhat.

For example, I was buying Illy’s coffee, which costs $25 per pound. It is so good, I drink two cups in the morning and that is all, so I splurged on coffee for awhile. I decided to tighten my belt and spend less, so I switched to the Dunkin’ Donuts brand I could buy at my regular grocery store. It tastes great and is only $8.50 per pound, but I figured I should economize more and dropped down to the cheapest brand of a Colombian coffee for $3 a can. It’s rather bitter to swallow, but paying $25 and $8.50 per pound is also a bitter pill to swallow.
I needed some tomato sauce, and seems such a short time ago I purchased three cans of tomato sauce for $1. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and right up front was a large stack that read, “Special: 98 cents per can.”  The same small cans are now almost $1 each!

Gas prices have come down, but food prices are rising at a staggering rate. Food, clothing and shelter are necessities of life and we are going to have to find a way to manage in order to survive, if the direction we’re headed in continues.
There’s just one week until the election. The politicians are working at a frenzied pitch vying for the seat of power to rule over us, take our property (money) by larger slices and make false promises as economic conditions in this country go from bad to worse. Millions are flocking to the polls and we hear more and more news about outlandish fraud at the polls, pervasive in all states.
We are just now hearing about the documented massive voter fraud during the caucuses. Reports say that massive fraud schemes in the Democratic Party defeated Hillary and she should have won. The Obama campaign admitted giving over $800,000 to Acorn, the controversial community organizers that registers votes, an organization receiving taxpayer monies. Reports say more than one million voters were registered this year with claims that more than 30% are illegitimate. A long list of various kinds of fraud is being perpetrated at the voting polls.
If all these reports are true, then all the ballots cast by legitimate voters is so diluted by fraud votes that legitimate votes are a farce and a joke. And if a candidate is elected to the highest office in the land by a process of fraud, legitimized by being mixed in with legal voters, it’s corruption of staggering proportions. The legal voter has been disenfranchised by the fraud.
From all the reports, this voting corruption is no small thing and is being implemented in massive numbers, even busing loads of fraudulent voters from one state to another. With this kind and amount of fraud and corruption taking place before the candidate reaches the elected office, how can we expect any good, decent or moral practices of governing from Washington? Everyone is yelling “change, change, change.” Well, it appears to me we are getting “change.” Everything going from bad to worse is a change on a daily basis, everything from voting practices to food prices.
In 1919 Rosa Luxemburg said, “Freedom for supporters of the government only, for one party only, no matter how big its membership may be, is no Freedom at all. Freedom is always Freedom for the man who thinks differently.”
James Bovard said, “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”
Instead of voting on what to have for dinner, candidates and news pundits are arguing over the meaning of socialism and Marxism. Let me explain . . . 

Socialism is a system of government that opposes private ownership of property. Marxism is simply a brand of socialism, like communism, whereby the government controls the basic means of production, distribution and exchange. Fascism is another form of socialism, like Hitler’s Germany, where individual Freedom is subordinated by the state. Some businesses are allowed to be held in private citizens’ names only, but total control of goods and services is maintained by one centralized government and enforced by the military.
Socialism is a system of thievery, whereby the government takes from producers and redistributes to non-producers. And as one Democratic candidate said, he plans on “spreading the wealth,” taking from the “haves” and giving to the “have nots.” As Karl Marx stated in the Communist Manifesto, “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”

What’s complicated about that which we are being told every day? Hello out there, why are you not listening to what you are being told by the politicians?!?!
And another item I want to mention is one I heard on TV today by Paul Crouch, a preacher and owner of Trinity broadcasting, a religious TV station. I was so shocked when I heard him say, “If you do not like the way things are in Washington and you do not get out and vote, you have no right to complain.” This remark was followed by one of his son who said, “If we don’t get out and vote we will be ruled by those who do.”
I have news for both of them, my right to complain about the injustices in this country is not a right given to me by voting. I have a right to complain or object to what is being done to me by those in Washington whether I vote or not. And as to the second remark by the son, all American citizens are going to be ruled by the powers at be in Washington. And whether you vote or not, you will be ruled by them. I couldn’t believe my ears at the absurdity of the suggestion that if you go and vote you will be exempt from ruler out of Washington. You will be ruled whether you vote or do not vote. And if the current news is correct, we are going to be ruled by fraudulent votes.
The things being said on TV that defy reason and rationale, and are so non-thinking by those who ought to know better, stagger one’s imagination. Who out there is preaching, teaching and speaking truth? Who out there is speaking truth from such great moral guides as the Ten Commandments and The Declaration of Independence? And why is it we rarely ever hear the word “freedom” spoken anymore? I never hear the two major candidates mention the word. Why has it become taboo to speak of freedom? There are only a few watchdog groups that mention it.

Words are power and it seems we have become a society of double talk, double think people. We are dazzled by the footwork coming out of the mouths of those who dominate the airways now a day.
“The saddest words of tongue or pen are these few words it might have been.”

Let Freedom Ring!


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