Confucius says, “If your plans are for one year, plant rice. If your plans are for ten years, plant trees. If your plans are for one hundred years, educate men.”
So what is education? It is simply an acquisition of knowledge and truth. How does one acquire it?  Not in the tax-supported school system.

The tax-supported school system of indoctrination is not education. However, in the great era of information, education is available to everyone through books, radio, television, the internet, your family, your friends, your neighbor, in some schools and a few universities, through private schools and home-schooling. Observation of the laws of the universe are all around us. We can probably learn more by observation and studying the universe than any other place. Think about the discoveries Newton made by observing universal laws. Such profound discoveries like the third law of motion . . . for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Have you ever considered your telephone directory a great source for education and acquisition of knowledge? Check out the hundreds of listings for governmental agencies—federal, state, county and city. Read over these hundreds of bureaucratic offices and agencies and ask yourself which ones you want and require to live your life day by day. Check them off one by one. You are paying for all these agencies.

Consider which ones you gave your consent to have the power over your life to take your property (money). Educate yourself by deciding which you want and do not want to operate your life. How many of the duplicate agencies on the four levels of political government do you need or want to live your life. And keep in mind as you read through the myriad of offices, that you are paying for them, in addition to employing their hundreds of salaried workers.
With millions unemployed, thousands losing their homes and savings, banks bellying-up, government debt so staggering that we can’t even fathom the amount, and news every day about a recession and depression, educate yourself as to why this is so. You don’t need a politician or a news pundit to tell you what’s going on. Much information is available to you in your telephone directory.
Instead of focusing on all the rhetoric about what politicians plan on doing for you, take a long, hard look at what has already been done to you by political government.
Once you have armed yourself with some facts, decide how much political government you want, how much you are willing to pay for, how much individual Freedom you want and what property rights you value. Then decide what you are willing to do about it.
Keep in mind that Freedom and ownership of property is a total concept. To the degree of control, an outside entity (political government) restricts your Freedom and confiscates your property. This is your degree of bondage. And remind yourself this control is maintained and sustained by a gun or threat of a gun.
Reflect upon the history of this great nation just more than 200 years old. Remind yourself of the thinking in those early days when the cry was, “Give me liberty or give me death.” “Root hog or die.” “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Dump that tea in the Boston Harbor. “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” “The redcoats are coming!”

This nation of people declared themselves free of oppressive government, and stood up for this belief. They were ordinary people, exercising extraordinary determination to enjoy Personal Freedom . . . to own and keep their property, to work and acquire property, to raise their families, to teach their children, to worship as they chose, to live their lives with self-responsibility and self-control, helping and respecting their neighbors.
We are at a crossroads and a crisis. It’s time to stop and think, quiet ourselves for a moment from the jack-hammer noise and verbiage of politicians and news pundits. It’s time to ask ourselves what happened, how we got from there to here, why it has all happened and what role did we play in this current predicament placing us on the verge of disaster? And finally ask yourself, as one individual with an inalienable Right to be free, what can I do about it?
“Listen my children and you shall hear the midnight ride of Paul Revere.”
Let Freedom Ring!

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