The next questions I received from one of my readers were about the current school system. In response to my opposition to the tax supported school system one reader asked, “What does one replace it with? Are you suggesting that every child be home schooled? And, how can we be sure all children are receiving a ‘fair’ education?” All interesting and valid questions.
To the first one, “what do we replace our current school system with?” I ask, “what does one replace cancer with?”
To the question about fairness, I ask “is it fair to the worms for the birds to eat them?” I for one believe life itself is very fair, when we understand and adhere to the principles of universal laws and understand the morality of those laws. Beginning with the principle, freedom is self-responsibility and self-control.
The tax-supported school system, which I have written many in-depth articles on, is based upon a system of thievery that I believe to be an immoral system. If it is, how can one expect morality (fairness) in an immoral system? No, I do not suggest everyone should be home schooled. However, I will say, and know from personal experience, it is far superior to the current tax-supported schools. My grandchildren are home schooled and quite advanced in their education from those in the system at their same ages. There are other alternatives to education.
I would suggest one read my upcoming article defining the role of ownership of private property to begin understanding the problem. One must understand what the cause of the problem is before finding a solution.
I don’t write very much about solutions to problems as I do defining and describing what is the problem. There is usually more than one solution to any given problem, left up to the individual, once he or she understands what is the base problem. There are more ways to skin a cat than starting at its tail, as the old southern expression goes.

My interest is not in replacing the system of thievery, but in understanding it and getting rid of it. The ingenuity of the American people will devise ways to solve a problem, any problem, I have no doubt, once they decide to.
Truth is that which is the absence of a lie. Is taking from one, by the threat of a gun, right, correct or moral? Is that truth? Or is it as wrong and a lie?

The first thing we must do is examine ourselves and ask the right questions. The answers will come. The problems with our country are obvious.

Do we wish to recognize and admit what the base problem is or is that too much bother? Will the truth disturb our comfort zone and interrupt our apathy? Are we like a frog dropped in warm water, languishing while its being heated to a boiling point and can’t jump out? And didn’t jump when it was being lulled?
One can describe the effects of socialism and some facets of it may be desirable for some, but the bottom line is that at the core is a rejection and denial of private ownership of property. When we have reached a state the liberal news media is openly calling some of the current activities of political government pure socialism over the airways, that’s news. And referring to it as “looting,” well, pay attention. This is new language in the news media. I only began hearing it in the past few weeks, prompted by the massive bail outs.
And yet we have condoned the socialist school system for so long by labeling it “public education,” it has taken a $700 billion bail out to bring news media to a point of even talking about socialism. To maintain the horrors of the system, the powers that be have come up with a new twist—charter schools and vouchers. Call it anything you like, it’s still a system of legal plunder and one of the largest systems of funding in the entire nation. The funding for this system is right in there with military and the welfare state, relative to cost, along with the cost of the millions paid out to sustain all the agencies of federal, state, county and city employees.

“When did it all begin?” the reader asked. Not that long ago inasmuch as this nation is less than 299 years old. And we as a smart, creative, religious, civilized nation of people have made a big mess of things in short order. The question is not when did it begin, but how and when will it end? 

Let Freedom Ring!


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0 Responses to The School System, How Is It Replaced? (Issue 94)

  1. Writer Dad says:

    My favorite thing I’ve read in a week. Write on, Grandma.

  2. Anne-

    Thanks again for a thought provoking article. And one I completely agree with you on. This has been my sentiment of the public education system since I was in school myself – and I’m “young” to you, anyway 😉 – but I especially see it now with my own children in school.

    We homeschooled for 5 years before deciding to return them to educational system and I’m sad to say, it has only gotten worse.

    Thank you for writing so candidly about what plagues our nation today, from a perspective of such maturity and experience. I believe my generation (and those that follow) can learn much from folks such as yourself.

    Keep up the great writing! I truly enjoy it.

    ~ Annie

  3. Hmm… it seems that you have a talent in writing, great blog. Add to my feed reader!