A couple of days ago I listened to the Sean Hannity interview with the Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin. When asked why she chose this political route, she replied because of her love for this country and her love of freedom. It’s the first time I have heard any candidate say those words. My achy breaky heart leaped with joy at hearing her say that.

On the other hand, I wonder if she understands the true meaning of the word. She does emanate a certain genuineness and authenticity when she speaks. If she is truly doing what she’s doing out of a love of freedom, I admire her intentions.
Our survival as a species depends upon reversing the road to socialism we are rapidly traveling down to return to individual freedom and private property ownership . . . a return to self-responsibility and self-control. We must reevaluate our thoughts, reason and logic. We must reexamine where we came from, what we are doing to ourselves, go back and reread the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence, and take another look at the history of the men who fought and died for the freedom of this country during the Revolutionary War. What they thought, what they felt, what they believed, and the determination they had to achieve what they set out to do, which was to relieve themselves from an oppressive tyrannical government, headed by the King of England. They left the legacy of their accomplishments for us to have, hold and enjoy. And we have allowed ourselves to stray far from their accomplishments and intentions.
What a tragic shame.

There are two kinds of shame. One is toxic and the other prevents us from running naked in the grocery store. We really do not have the time to indulge ourselves in musings about shame. There are other more important things to consider if we are to reclaim our rights to freedom. The question is how many of us want to be free? Or have we been so lulled into an apathetic lifestyle we now expect from and dependent upon government to do for us that which we should be doing for ourselves.
Self-responsibility is non-transferable in a free society. Despite any notions to the contrary, it is neither transferable in a totalitarian state. It’s only an illusion. By our nature, we are responsible for ourselves. The question is do we want to live free or in bondage? We are where we are by listening and believing the propaganda of what others tell us. It’s all so Pavlovian.
Remember the Russian Pavlovian theory? It was an experiment of ringing a bell every time it was feeding time for the dogs. The animals would start salivating every time they heard the bells ringing whether or not they saw any food. After a time, the bell ringing stopped, but the dogs would begin salivating just before feeding time, without hearing any bells. They had been subjected to conditioning. But then the floods came and the dogs ran for their lives and no amount of bell ringing enticed them to stay.
Have we been so conditioned by repetitious rhetoric we simply follow and do what others tell us, without thinking, but just believing what we are told and promised? Being told and promised the same things over and over, have we abandoned reason and rationale? Have we blindly followed those ringing the bells? Have we ignored the sanctity of property ownership by allowing those in power to take and take and take because it’s what we have been told to do, from conditioning by means of threat of a gun?
The word freedom has been so maligned it now frequently implies the government has the freedom to take whatever it chooses. It implies it has a license to act in any manner it chooses.
Unfortunately, in the past few years, there has been so much destructive weather that government caretaking at the expense of others has reached new heights. Thousands upon thousands are told to stay in hotels for a month and that government will pay for it. When they return, they’re told that the government will furnish their housing and repair weather damaged property. Government officials send out loud and clear messages “we will take care of you.”
History has proven the American people are extremely generous in times of tragedy and needs of others. Churches, organizations and volunteers step up to the plate and give their money and time to help those in need. It is not necessary for the government to take by force the monies and property of some to benefit others. What is morally wrong is the force used to extract the private property of some to give to others. And money is one’s private property. Thievery is the immoral act of taking one’s property in violation of the will of the owner. 
I return to elementary, dear Watson. No political government has anything until it TAKES from someone. There is nothing voluntary about taxation and the taking of one’s property by force is an immoral act. It’s legal plunder and an act of thievery. And if thievery is wrong and immoral in one case, it is wrong and immoral in all cases.
I reiterate this in more than one article because most still do not get it. Unless we understand the cause of what is happening in this country as things collapse, we are doomed. Nothing can change by focusing on the effects.

Speaking of which, I just walked by my TV and a large sign appeared saying, “America’s Monetary Crisis.”
Let Freedom Ring!


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