This past week and weekend has been a frenzied period in the crisis we face. The worldwide financial bubble is spreading and appears to be unmanageable. The economy is in crisis and it’s a dollar problem.
After the failure of the first $700 billion bailout, Washington elected are meeting over this weekend to try to hammer out a rescue bailout.  They should shelve it and go home. We don’t really know what they are doing, but it’s predictable anything they agree upon will be another added cost on the backs of the American people. They keep trying to place value on worthless assets in the wake of the carnage of financial institutions.
Mostly what we are hearing is about the tagging they are trying to place on the staggering amount of money at the center of the so-called rescue boon-doggling. Things like wrangling over an oversight agency. What’s news about that? Nearly everything they do in Congress and the White House forms another agency. There are thousands upon thousands of agencies in federal, state, county and city governments overlapping one other.
For instance, in the county I live in, there is a Sheriff’s department, City Police department and Marshall’s agency. Beyond that are a State Patrol department, GBI, National Guard and dozens of other agencies overlapping each other. Multiply that by 150 counties in the state. Then multiply that by 50 states to get some idea of the number of law enforcement agencies there are alone, not to mention all the others. I personally am totally amazed at the number of departments and agencies in Motor Vehicles.
We have agencies for the agencies in this country, funded by taxpayer monies. To consider another agency is going to solve the crisis we are in is ludicrous. But forming another “oversight” agency is a government solution to the crisis we face, on the brink of disaster.
Beyond that, they are most likely hammering out other ideas to sell the American people on this ridiculous, absurd, outrageous, overburdening $700 billion package to avoid the collapse of the economy. It defies reason and rationale to think these continuing exorbitant tax bailouts won’t collapse the economy. It’s all a pseudo solution, compounding the existing problem.
If a man is walking down the street with 50 lbs. on his back and you place another 50 lbs. on him, then another 100 lbs., by the time he reaches the end of the street he will collapse. The political government keeps placing more and more burden on the backs of the people, while all the time promoting propaganda fear in him with news of a disastrous economy. What’s the result?
This current crisis has been a long time in the making, but is now so serious and so devastating, the rubber is hitting the road. If this bailout package is not killed off, its passage may very well kill off the golden goose, throwing this country into a depression like we have never seen before.
Beyond that, we have candidates making promises of plans they expect to implement, which do not solve problems, but exasperate conditions. For example, I take particular note of all the plans Obama puts forth that he labels principles, when in fact they are not principles but just his value judgments designed for more socialistic programs. He does not seem to know the difference in principles and value judgments. He’s a Harvard graduate who does not know this difference.

Principles are those undeviating, immutable laws of the universe, not subject to what one knows, believes or understands. They are unchanging. Value judgments are always changing. Therefore, his mislabeling of his plans is deceptive and misleading.  A pie in the sky promise of his value beliefs, which are quite different from mine and may be quite different from yours.

At any rate, the thing to note is one’s value judgments are always changing.  Keep that in mind because if he’s elected, the values he promises will most predictably change. What he promises now will not be what you get if he’s elected to the highest office in the land.

I’m not pro or con for either, but despite the fact I disagree with a number of things McCain says, I must say I have not heard him lay claim to his proposals as principles, which is a plus on his side.
Individual freedom and ownership of property is a principle and a total concept. Promises and initiatives of what the candidate plans to do are not, but simply his values at the moment he expresses them and can and most likely will change.

Some might call it flip-flopping, but the fact of the matter is that it’s the nature of one’s value system, which is relative to all of us. I disagree with Obama’s value system but take issue with his mislabeling them as principles. He is simply wrong by definition. And incumbent upon those so excited over his rhetoric, take this into consideration.

Let Freedom Ring!


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