How can a frog stop bumping its butt? Quite simply . . . by sprouting some wings.
After about six months of blogging and nearly 90 lengthy articles, I now have some questions coming in . . . something I have looked forward to. Curiosity is a sign of intelligence and asking questions is an indicator of that. One of my favorite ways to learn is the socratic method of inquiry.
The first question was, “when did we start paying taxes?”

We began paying taxes when the land was colonized.There have always been taxes. George Washington killed a bunch of people by putting down the Whiskey Rebellion, which was over liquor taxes. Income tax, as we know it, was popularized after the 1913 passage of the 16th amendment. Until then, no one could get a progressive-scale income tax to hold up. It was a society that operated on voluntarism for a period.

Another significant event that impacted our loss of personal freedom and individual property rights was in the 1930s when the president removed the hard money, gold, from the backing of currency. Things exploded when paycheck withholding was implemented. Then the gummit got the money before the individual and the individual had to beg (file) to get it back (1945). Now a days, one can just follow the yellow brick road by reading history to understand how we got to the place we are in today.

When a centralized government was formed and taxation was initiated, it was very minimal. Remember in the beginning the cry was, “taxation without representation is tyranny”?  Well, we are now living in a period of heavy-duty taxation without representation. Most in Congress pay no attention to you or I and continue passing more and more laws of taxation. What I think, feel and want is not represented by the law makers in Washington. And reading reports of group watchdog organizations that write and call elected officials, obviously has no effect, or is so little it’s not worth mentioning. Therefore, I maintain we are living in an era of taxation without representation.
I have been so bold and brazen as to label the taxation system one of thievery. Interestingly, just in the past couple of weeks I began hearing even some in mainstream media label our government’s acts, events and our country’s current conditions as “socialism.” I’ve even heard political government actions described as “looting.” They still have not brought themselves to use words like “robbery”, “stealing” and “thievery” but have ventured out into at least labeling as “looting.” To that I say, stay tuned!

And keep reading my articles because I tell it like it is, no holds barred.
I look forward to comments and questions. My next article deals with a question asked, “what does one replace the current education system with”  and “how can we be sure it’s fair?” Be sure and check my response to that one.
Let Freedom Ring!


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