Attention on the Intentions of the Rescue Plan
Here it is early in the morning of  Friday, September 26, 2008. Wow, what a week this has been for news, as Congress and the media worked around the clock to stir the pot, to stir the nettle of the American people. The $700 billion bailout has been the centerpiece of the frenzy, to be voted on later today by Congress.
I have listened to so many politicians and pundits this week pitching their ideas on what is happening by prefacing their remarks with, “here’s the real problem.” And yet I have heard no one express what the real problem is.
In the middle of the week, on Wednesday, September 24, I wrote a post titled, “Out of Gas, Out of Money, Out of Patience.” In that article, in one small paragraph, I explained why the bailout package would not pass. Now this morning, all the news centers around “bailout breakdown.”

There were never intentions of passing it as is.
The intention was to stir up the American people and place their attention on the first bailout package so the second one would sail through with little opposition. It’s a con game. And the nature of political government is to “keep your eye on this ball while I’m doing something else.” I remind the reader that political government grows, expands, and proliferates on two things—dependence upon it and opposition to it.
The modus operandi is old hat trickery. It has been used over and over so many times that I’m amazed it continues to work so effectively to manipulate the American people. Now within the hour, the headlines have gone from “bailout breakdown” to “bailout collapses” to “rescue plan.” 
I knew from the outset the plan would collapse, not because I have a crystal ball, but because it is the nature of political government to operate in this manner. In Washington, they have operated in this manner over and over and over. They come up with some plan to expand their power, taking more and more from producers. Then they advertise by colluding with the socialist leaning news media, stirring people up and placing their minds, time and energy on one ball while they are planning for their next move as soon as the first one falls. The second or third package will sail through with little opposition, usually the second.
The pattern has been that after objections and failure of the first attempt the general public will think, “Oh boy! We showed those bureaucrats in Washington who’s boss. They cant do this to us!” Then they shrug and their attention is diverted away to other things and fiddle while Rome burns.
The strategy for this $700 billion bailout package was well timed. Here it is September, a time when many are focused on getting their children back in school, the football season, the gas crisis, the upcoming election, the loss of jobs and homes, the rising food cost, and a host of other things. However, the biggest news hype this week, as the week ends with the collapse of the bailout today, is the attention diversion to the presidential debate tonight. All so well timed.
Like a Broadway play with the curtain opening on Monday and closing on Friday, it is all so well orchestrated. The next curtain opening of the three act political play will open with talk of the new plan, no doubt hyped up by the news of a new financial RESCUE plan.
The general consensus of opinion by most Americans will be, “We showed those fat-cats in Washington, by our objections, who’s boss. And those we elected to represent our interests listened and we were responsible for the defeat of the $700 billion bailout.”

Beginning on Monday morning, the curtain will open for the next act, which will be presented as a different version of the original, and will most likely sail through Congress with little opposition. On this Friday morning, President Bush just appeared on TV and said we are going to get a package passed with cooperation of both Democrats and Republicans. So there you have it.
A revised bill will pass and the beat goes on. This week has been the most daring and glaring representation of how it all works that I have seen in my lifetime. It’s all there, a very clear map of just how far down the road of socialism we have traveled, with no turnaround in sight.
In a presidential campaign that began two years ago with a mantra from the people, “something is very wrong in this country and the direction it is going” has culminated in a week that tells us what is wrong, ending with the “con game” operation as usual. The presidential debate tonight will be an attempt to medicate our feelings by promises of what they are going to do “for” us.
Beware of the Trojan horse and the Greeks bearing gifts!  I’m reminded of the Pavlovian theory of bell ringing to control the dogs. Then the floods came. The flood coming down the pike in this case is in the form of another huge chunk of private property (your money) being confiscated under a different “rescue plan” that will be unveiled in a few days after the presidential debate and Monday morning quarter-backing by the biased news media.

Now is a time to pay attention. Things are popping faster than a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

Let Freedom Ring!

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