I began this blog site about six months ago and for those who read my articles, you know by now that my thinking and writings are not the average stuff you read elsewhere.

For example, most blog sites, newsletters, and organized watchdog groups urge you to write your Congressman about whatever is bothering you. Apparently, your Congressman pays little attention to what you and the rest of the American people, say or want. The proof is in the pudding. Obviously, things have gone from bad to worse. This is an indication that all the calls, letters and emails to Congress have amounted to zilch.
I have a different approach. Read my blog post titled “Debate & Dear John Letter.” In this post, I pose a suggested letter your Congressman should be sending to YOU. Copy it and send that to one of your Congressman. If that does not flip his bic and prompt a response, you might as well give up and stop wasting your time with him. Silence does not give consent.
I remind my readers that political government thrives, expands and proliferates on just two things—dependence upon it and opposition to it. Your representative thrives on your letters of opposition to the legislation he grinds out. If you ignore him after sending a copy of the letter, I prescribe he will get nervous and squirrelly. I doubt if he responds to it, and if he does, ignore him.

If you have the audacity to doubt my veracity, look around at the natural order of things. For example, if you plant a seed in the ground, it can only manifest itself, grow and thrive by resistance. The tiny seed must resist and push away the dirt you covered it with in order to survive. This tiny seed has to have some kind of innate intelligence to resist surviving in the position where you placed it. You and I as thinking rationale beings must recognize a basic tenet, i.e., how things thrive on opposition. Definitely, without question, this is the only way political government grew into the monster it is today—opposition to it and dependency upon it. The tiny seed depends upon the soil around it, but can only expand and grow by its opposition to it.
The representative you planted in Washington, by your vote, is a seed that thrives and expands its power to take control over your life, liberty and property by your opposition to the damage he has done while in the seat of power. The damage he or she has done is the curtailment of your personal freedom and the infringement of crossing your boundaries and right to own personal property. You don’t own your home, you posses it.
Because I have written so much about freedom, ownership of property and political government, some are asking questions about what they can do. I don’t have all the answers, by any stretch of the imagination, but a few suggestions.

The first order of business if one is interested in doing something, is realize and be convinced of the cause of the problem. Until one recognizes the cause, there is nothing you can do. And the cause is not rocket science. History tells us what the cause is. Nevertheless, all one has to do is recognize that we were once a free nation of people, now on the verge of collapse. It’s on the news every day.
We lost our stinger. We elected representatives that gained power over our lives to take whatever property (money) they wanted, which did not belong to them. And they did it because of two things, our dependency upon it and opposition to it.

That’s not a complicated concept to understand. Actually, it’s quite simple. It’s really so simple it’s hard to believe. It’s the complications caused that prevent the simplicity of it from sinking in. For one fleeting moment, clear your mind of the complications and focus on the cause.
We innately know when we recognize the cause of a problem that we are compelled to assume the responsibility of solving it if we are to expect results that enhance our lives, well-being and happiness. That’s the crossroads we are at today. It’s an opportunity we have if we face it today, which may not be there tomorrow, next week or next year. Time is of the essence if we are to survive as free people.
We must admit to ourselves that we have been thoughtless, inconsiderate and irresponsible by allowing a centralized political government to take control over our lives, liberty and property. We have defied the laws of nature because self-responsibility and self-control is non-transferable. And nature is always going to have its way. Make no mistake about that.
I had a funny experience today with my three-year-old grandson. We had a pack of water balloons that I kept trying to blow up to fill with water. They were tiny little balloons. I couldn’t make it work. He sat on a stool and watched me. He remarked, “it’s not working because you are 100 percent wrong.” I was amazed this three-year-old came up with “100 percent wrong” language. Out of the mouth of a baby!
The remark of a three-year-old prompts me to ask, “Have we been 100 percent wrong in our thinking, our beliefs, our expectations and our actions?” Something went wrong because we are on the brink of disaster, if all the news reports are correct.
Let Freedom Ring!

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