After the flurry of daily news about the contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama subsided, it seems a large percentage of the news bulletins is about remarks made about each candidate, their supporters, advisors, friends and enemies.
Quoting from George Orwell’s 1984 “We shall squeeze you empty, then fill you up with ourselves.”
Someone makes a derogatory remark about a candidate and the news, morning noon and nite, talks about it. Then the person who is the object of the remark responds and that is hashed out over and over on all the news stations. It dies down in a couple of days, then someone else makes some remark about the other candidate, and that’s repetitious news for a day until he responds and the spin begins about his response. Over and over in the past several weeks it’s the same thing—derogatory remarks about first one candidate, then the other, and their cutesy retorts and repetition.
It’s a race in a game play to see who can get the most news coverage about creative news seeking. The presidential race seems reduced to see which can get the most notice over remarks about him and his response to those remarks. As I’ve tried to keep score, I think Obama is ahead because he seems to have ticked off so many preachers. Like a bunch of teenagers fighting back and forth, they attempt to make news by “distancing” themselves from the remarks made about them and to them. Until the next day when more crop up and the beat goes on.
I’m beginning to suspect it’s all pre-planned for headline grabbing. The old saying, “there’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about” seems to be the underlying notion behind all this useless, boring news seeking, which is tantamount to back fence gossip.
With an expensive war going on, the dollar being devalued, people losing their jobs and homes, struggling to pay for gas in their cars, aliens crossing the borders, fires burning out of control, severe weather destroying thousands of lives, homes, crops, property, and food prices soaring, the two candidates running for the highest office in this land spend more time bickering back and forth about who’s saying what about whom.
If it were not for the seriousness of the matter it would be downright ludicrous. They are diddling and fiddling while Rome burns.

What this country is lacking is leadership. Someone with executive ability to address the problems and find the answers. The latest remark by McCain’s advisor Gramm was “we’ve become a bunch of whiners.” No. That’s not true. The two candidates already hold seats of power in the United States Senate, drawing big salaries and catering to lobbyists, whining about who’s saying what about them, seemingly getting their kicks out of being in the news. It’s a very sad state of affairs in this country.
Then to add insult to injury, the current President signs the FISA bill passed by both houses to wiretap and eavesdrop on all of us. That’s the coup de grace.
The only bright spot in the course of events is the Supreme Court’s upholding of one’s Constitutional right to bear arms to protect oneself from an intruder. That right has always been there, despite all the manipulations of elected officials to deny that right.
We seem to have two presidential candidates flailing around, like ships without a rudder, flinging remarks at each other, without any rationale as to what the problems are, much less any meaningful proposals for solutions, flip-flopping around it’s like trying to grab hold of mercury to understand where they actually stand on any issue.
Much has been written and verbalized about the charismatic star power of Obama. And much has been stated about McCain’s time spent as a prisoner of war. So what! What this nation needs is a person with leadership qualities. One with the executive ability to recognize precisely what the problems are, find solutions, pick the right people for the right jobs, follow the Constitution, and listen to the people.
In this great nation of millions of smart people, why is it we have failed to select one with the leadership necessary to lead us out of the bondage we find ourselves? These candidates are not listening, they are busy bickering over who’s saying what about them, trying to outwit with cutesy retorts designed to be on the 6 o’clock news.
I have always heard the United States government is never very far ahead, nor very far behind the tempo of the American people. So who’s to blame for the mess were in? These two men have been voted into their positions of candidacy and one will be voted into the position of the highest power in the executive branch. They will be inaugurated with great fanfare. Then what happens?
In this great era of the information and technological age, much has been written about both men, yet many say we don’t really know them. Some are of the opinion they will be so beholding to those who backed and financed them, they will be like figure heads, answering to others, an invisible government. Their campaign promises are so wishy washy, flip-flopping and switcharoo, we don’t really know what they will do. In the past, we could medicate our feelings with the notion we could hold candidates to campaign promises. Now their verbiage is so non-specific and bibulous, constantly changing, we simply do not know what they will do.
What I do know is that I don’t hear them talking about restoring this country to individual freedoms and personal property rights, or hear them discuss what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution says, but rather the implementation of more and more social issues which means taking from some to give to others. And the latest and most shocking of all came from Obama’s speech at Colorado University when he promised if he was elected President, he would set a goal for all American middle and high school students to perform 50 hours a year of service and for all college students to perform 100 hours of service per year. It’s clearly involuntary servitude, which is in violation of the Constitution that prohibits such action.
I grew up hearing my mother say so many times, “plain talk is easily understood.”  This article is simply plain talk about how I personally view things.
Because of my love of freedom and this beautiful country, I have deep heartfelt concerns about where we are and where we are headed. I have always felt great gratitude for those who in the past have fought and died so that I might enjoy freedom. I was married to a military officer, who was in World War II, a year in Korea and a year in Vietnam, and I felt it my patriotic duty to do everything I could to support him, and did.  I’ve never been a crusader, but have always stood up and fought for that which I believed to be right as an individual. And still do.

Now with great concerns for my grandchildren and the next generation, I express myself through my writings, hopefully to stir the intellectual nettle of at least just one other person, to stop, think, speak up and stand up. This is still America and we can still speak up and stand up, which may be the least and the most we can do. Sitting idly by and do nothing is not a course I choose to take.

Let Freedom Ring!


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