This morning when I flipped the switch on my bedside lamp and it didn’t come on, I started thinking about the things we take for granted. I never spend any time thinking about the eventuality of the light bulb burning out, I simply take for granted the light will always come on when I flip the switch.
From the light bulb, I began thinking about the current cost of gas and food and their daily rising prices. I then thought about times in the past when I could drive up to a filling station for gas and some attendant would be there to fill my tank while I sat in the car. I had no concerns about the cost per gallon. I didn’t have to get out and struggle with removing a gas cap and inserting the nozzle, worry about a fire if any gas spilled out, or have to struggle with some machine to insert a card. I just took it for granted that an attendant would serve my needs at the gas pump and all I had to do was sit there, hand him the money after he cleaned my windshield, and say thank you.

I took it all for granted.
I recall the indignation I felt for a long time after things changed and I had to get out of my vehicle and do the work of a service station attendant. I thought this is beneath my dignity, I’m a woman, and not supposed to be doing gas station work. For a long time I resented having to do that. When it all started, some pumps said “self-service” and other pumps said “attendant.” I drove up to the attendant pump as long as it was available, but all that is history now. I took for granted there would always be an attendant available to pump my gas.
Another thing I took for granted was going to the grocery store and having someone bag my groceries, take them to the car, and then unload them for me. I never dreamed a time would come when I would have to bag my own groceries, tote them to my car, and unload them myself. And I surely didn’t think of a time when I’d be concerned about the prices because they had always remained stable for so long.
Then there was that wonderful era when we could pick up a phone and an operator would say, “number please.” Or the time when we could dial a number and reach a party without having to go through a laundry list menu that we have to punch in all kinds of letters and numbers and still don’t reach a party but hear a recorded voice telling us to do something else. Those were the days my friends. I thought they would never end and took it all for granted.

I could go on and on listing all the joys and conveniences of a lifestyle gone forever. It does make me appreciate the conveniences I do still have, yet those same conveniences are being eroded day by day.
Now living in an era where one gallon of gas and one gallon of milk cost $10 and we have to pump our own gas and bag and tote our own groceries, it brings about a keen awareness of how things have changed and continue to change every day.
I read a market bulletin, which is filled with farming news and suggestions of places to shop and things to buy. It lists places to pick your own fruits and vegetables and places to order things directly from the producer like pecans, peanuts, walnuts, honey, sorghum, dried beef, stone ground cornmeal, and other items. I use it for sources to buy.
This market bulletin also includes a lot of other information about what is going on with farmers and the Department of Agriculture. It’s eye opening as it reveals just how the farming industry is regulated and subsided by the government and provides some understanding of the problem of rising food cost and gas prices
We are so bedazzled by the propaganda of the government and news media that we’re like deer caught in headlights—stunned by all of it and trying to figure things out. I, like so many others, try to figure out the why and the cause.
In this connection, I have arrived at an opinion about one area. Farmers have allotments, set by the government as to how much acreage they can use to plant certain crops. They are subsidized with taxpayer money for adhering to the rules and regulations of political government. Farming has become a socialized industry. There are rules, regulations, and subsidies for planting crops…not for food, but for fuel, and non-living things.

For example, corn is grown and harvested to produce ethanol fuel to operate vehicles. This reduces the supply for human consumption and reduces the supply for animals like cows, pigs, chickens, horses, etc. All the news I read about suggests the amount of fuel created from edible crops is minimal and solves nothing. But this reduction of supply does not reduce the demand, which raises the cost of that which is available to be eaten by humans and animals. And because gas prices are so high, the cost of transporting the farm products from the grower to the consumer raises the cost of food.  It’s a squirrel cage type regarding food supplies and rising costs.
I’m reminded of a story I heard a number of years ago when farmers out West in farmlands had a problem with coyotes eating crops. Political government entered with interference and took steps to kill off the coyotes, and then the rabbits took over eating the crops. Government intervention into the natural order of things always screws things up and compounds the problem.
There are universal laws designed to balance things for existence on this planet. There is a right and wrong way to manage this entire great universe that provides for our existence. There are two things I understand as a “wrong” and that is thievery and violation of natural law.
Because a Divine Creator has provided everything we need to exist on this planet, when a man-made political government uses its power to interfere with those natural Universal Laws, chaos is created and things are thrown out of balance. It is self-evident that all we require is provided for us. There are plenty of materials in the universe to provide the fuels we need. The Earth is full of oil and coal to provide fuel and there are plenty of nutrients in the Earth to grow and provide fuel for food. So here’s the kicker as I see it—there is a violation of the natural laws of the Universe when human beings at the direction of political government tamper with the natural order of all that is provided by a Creator. This is when serious problems ensue like taking food provided to sustain living things and using it to operate machinery.
Specifically, I believe that using edible food for consumption as fuel for vehicles is wrong because it violates natural law. Food is grown for the fuel of living things, animals, and humans. And other natural products are provided for fuel, which are not edible like wood for heat and coal and oil for uses like vehicles, planes, cars, ships, etc. The attempt to use edible food to fuel anything that is not alive just isn’t working. And it is not working because the wrong is in the violation of Universal Law. We cannot get away with this violation and we are already beginning to feel the crunch from the attempt. The reason being that nature will always have its way in the short or lung run, sooner or later.
This was once a nation that operated on the free-enterprise capitalistic system, which is the only moral system to voluntary exchange goods and services. Now, this nation is pretty much operated by large corporations that control the government and the government that controls them. It’s a real equal opportunity situation whereby they manipulate each other to control the rest of this society. And it’s at the cost of personal freedom and loss of ownership of property. We have come a long way from the early days when the mantra was, “root hog or die.” I’m saddened by the loss of the freedoms I once enjoyed and will not be available for my grandchildren and the next generation. We have voted ourselves into this tragic state of affairs, but cannot vote ourselves out of it.
The crumbling of the “Great Society” has begun, demonstrated by home foreclosures, loss of jobs, the declining dollar, deterioration in the schools, rapidly rising costs of food and fuel, and a scarcity of food and fuel. I lived through the Great Depression and the period of rationing in this country, which is mild compared to what is happening right before our eyes. I should have started this article “once upon a time…”
Some of my writings are factual and some of it is conjecture based upon the facts as I perceive them. I invite others to make comments relative to how you perceive things as they are today.

If we recognize the problem, perhaps someone out there can come up with solutions.
I listen to the politicians and pundits talk and as far as I can see, they do not recognize what the problem is, much less have any solutions. They yell change, change, change, but my question is change from what to what?
The change I want is a return to personal freedom and political government off my back! It’s just that simple. No political government has anything until it first takes from someone. And there are three kinds of people—producers, non-producers, and distributors. Political government produces nothing, but only acts as a distributor, taking from producers to give to non-producers, taking a chunk off the top for themselves.

There is nothing political government does that could not be done better by free enterprise—more efficiently, and at a lesser cost.
Let Freedom Ring!

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