“A rose by any other name is still a rose” and a vaccination shot by any other name is still a toxic substance placed in one’s body…especially those of small children and babies.
It seems that on a regular basis, news articles appear about the horrible effects of vaccinations in case after case. Just in the past year, news leaked about concerns of Merck & Co.’s (a pharmaceutical company) contamination of vaccines. These are children’s vaccines!
Then we read so many reports about the adverse effects of immunizations on children’s lives, being the cause of many diseases.
We hear about the spin of the FDA and CDC, those government regulators supposedly the “watch-dogs” ensuring the safety of food and drugs. Yet somehow, they are not doing their job, as drug companies maintain their drugs are “safe” and “problems are being addressed.”

The FDA, CDC, and drug companies all have public relations departments that spin the truth into denials, deflecting and reassuring the public that they are looking out for, protecting, and taking care of the millions being vaccinated on a continuing basis.

All the while, there is research that claims so many of the diseases in children are caused by the very drugs present in immunizations that are supposed to protect. And now a days, shots are given to newborn babies in hospitals without the knowledge of the parents! Then there are further requirements of vaccinations for preschool children and even more for children prior to entering first grade.
While inspectors report areas of “concern” with drug manufacturers, spokespeople for the drug companies report absolute confidence in the quality of their drugs, which means the dog bites the flea and the flea bites the dog and they all stay together with their spin and cover-ups of the dangers to innocent children relative to shots.
The question remains…who in fact is responsible then for the safety and the upbringing of children? Is it the responsibility of political government and drug companies, or the parent? I for one believe that  among the many responsibilities of childcare, the first and foremost is children’s safety. Not only must the parent believe in the responsibility for the safety of their children, they must take action to assure it.
In this connection, we are living in an era of political government rules, edicts, and regulations that sponsor compulsory attendance laws for tax supported schools, which then require a list of vaccinations before entering those schools that are socialistic by definition.
Quoting from Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World,

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves, who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers….

The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is Truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about Truth.”
In this day and age of information, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge available regarding the dangers of vaccinations. And yet millions of parents subject their children to all kinds of vaccinations ordered by the government, without question or even a thought about the dangers to the child’s health, life, and well-being.
A parent might ask what they can do about this situation. First, one must seek information about the horrors of vaccinations. One must educate themselves (for the sake of their children’s safety) about all that is taking place relating to drug companies, their products, and partnership with agents of political government. Parents must also inform themselves about all that takes place in the tax supported school system. It’s a decision one makes to be informed which will positively affect the safety of their precious children.
My personal story relative to immunizations began over 30 years ago when I spent three years compiling information about shots and decided I would not allow my child to have them. I enrolled him in school without a shot record and refused to present any certificate of rejection based upon religious grounds. The principal dismissed him from school and every few months for the next three years I would re-enroll him, and then he would be kicked out again. I kept a record of everything—dates, remarks, actions, among other things. During the periods he was not allowed in school I spent time teaching him and loved doing it.
I was well aware of the compulsory school law and knew I would eventually have to come to terms with it. Eventually, the school board realized I was not going to allow my son to receive shots, nor would I present any religious certificate of exemption, so they issued a letter of threat to have me arrested because of defiance of compulsory school law. They sent a truant officer to see me, followed by an official letter. It was then I realized the necessity of the system to make an example out of me, to show others what would happen if anyone resisted the rules and regulations of the socialistic system, i.e., they would face jail, as I did.
I had spent three years compiling information about immunizations. Back then, two of the shots required were polio and smallpox. I had reports of eight deaths from smallpox shots, information that the polio vaccine derived from the pus of an infected rhesus monkey, to mention only a couple of things I compiled during my extensive research.
After receiving the arrest letter, I hired the best attorney I could find in the southeast, spread my file out on a coffee table in his office, and told him I wanted to file suit in Federal court, challenging the constitutionality of forced immunizations. He was reluctant to take the case but finally agreed. I paid the filing fee and left my file with him. Leaving his office I felt good and well prepared, with an inner assurance I would win my case.
The day it was filed in Federal court I called news reporters to be there. Consequently, I received a lot of news coverage in newspapers, television, and on radio. Later, one reporter told me the story was newsworthy because one country woman was fighting the bureaucracy and winning.
No one agreed with me and I was totally alone in my battle against the state school system and health department. I did not belong to any organization; therefore my case was just one lone individual battling the power of the political state. While the case was ongoing, Federal judges re-instated my child back in school under a Federal order. Many were up in arms about my battle and refusal to allow immunizations. In one front page newspaper article, one top educator was quoted as saying I was “crazy.” To that I replied, “I might be…but my child is not going to have those shots.” On radio call-in programs, many called in protesting my position saying I had no right to place my child in school without shots, which “threatened their children.” I called in and reminded listeners if their child was immunized, and if the shots prevented any disease, my child was no threat to theirs.
Eventually, the three panel of Federal judges ruled in my favor declaring the state law requiring immunizations unconstitutional and the law was changed. The new law went into effect when signed by the governor.
One of the questions posed by the court was why I was against immunizations. My reply was that I’m not against them for anyone who wants them. What I’m against is the force of them into my healthy child’s body, ostensibly to prevent some disease he may never have. In addition, I believe there is an inherent natural immunization in the body against diseases, impeded by the toxicity of the shots.

My case was ruled on in 1972 and my child never had any immunizations, nor did he ever have any childhood diseases.
As I sit here today, it is both interesting and disturbing to read all of the information claiming the ill-effects of immunizations and the adverse health problems caused by them. One is the claim that autism is caused by immunizations. I’m not a researcher and do not know all the ill-effects. Common sense tells me filling the bodies of children with toxic drugs is not a route to a healthy body and is unsafe.
Accordingly, it is my sincere belief that the parent is responsible for the upbringing, health, and safety of his or her child, and not some drug company, the state, or the schools. To allow others to make the decisions relative to the health and safety of your child is irresponsible.
I’m not a crusader and have never crusaded about anything, but as an individual, I stand up and fight for that which I believe in for both myself and my children. And remind myself of the truism, “if one does not stand for something, one will fall for anything.”
Let Freedom Ring!

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