This great country we live in, just over 200 years old, has weathered a number of perilous times. We began with the Revolutionary War fought to free the people from an oppressive ruling king of England, then the Civil War, two World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, and now Iraq. We’ve experienced tragedies like 911, extreme and destructive weather conditions, major fires, economic downturns, and much more.

In this 21st century, we face many similar problems of the past. What is currently different is that we face a multiple of these problems simultaneously—war, adverse weather, oppressive central government, staggering debt, economic uncertainty, looming threats of destruction outside our borders, a massive overrun of illegal immigrants, unprotected borders, unresolved social problems, extreme health cost, over the top burdensome taxation, chaos in schools, outsourcing of jobs, all kinds of crime, and too many others to list.
In the past, this country has shown resiliency. The foundation of individual freedom in a society of free enterprise at the core provided the impetus to recover and bounce back from tragic events. At the base of this foundation were the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence, which provided a moral guide to live by for which most honored, conducted their lives, and treated their fellow man. These were principles to live by and value judgments understood and respected these principles. Across the board, people had an understanding and comprehension of right and wrong, for which they again, lived their lives and demonstrated in their attitudes toward others.
Today it seems we are in the midst of an attitude revolution, compounded by confusion, stress, political and economic upheaval, and a cloud of fear. Friction develops in our attitudes causing irrational thinking as we try to solve problems by the effects rather than the causes. We have ignored the cause and the question of right and wrong. We fail to ask the right questions; therefore, we do not discover the right answers.  We may know what is right and important, but living in an era of technological explosion, we become distracted by all the information and misinformation we are bombarded with for which distorts and changes our attitudes about how we perceive things. It’s like an around the clock jack hammer bombarding us, thereby resulting in unpredictable frustration and confusion. This is compounded by spending so much time in traffic, with a telephone in our ear, adding daily frustration and irritation. All of this alters our attitudes and who we were as people.  It’s exhausting, frazzles one’s nerves, and affects our health.
Consequently, we don’t slow down and give much rational thinking to what’s happening to our country, our lives, our families, our neighbors, and our freedom. It is part of our human nature to act according to our highest values at any given moment and deepest conviction, but the constant jack hammer noise coming from the television, radio, telephones, and other vehicles interferes with our value system and convictions. We spend little or no time at all reflecting on universal principles and the causes of our predicament. We are just engrossed in the effects.
Whether or not we recognize or care about the economics or politics of this country, we are profoundly affected by what takes place in that arena. We fiddle while Rome burns and someone else is at the helm making the decisions, passing laws, issuing policies and edicts, gaining power over our lives, eroding our freedom, taxing, and taking property to the point that we are now in bondage with little left.
We are left in a frenzied state of confusion, frustration, anger, and resentment, wondering what happened with no clue as how to resolve and escape from our current situation.
In the month ending 2007, there was a major drop in the stock market. We were so busy with holiday shopping and the jack hammer in our ears, that we just heard pundits telling us that it’s just a market correction. So we put the electronics back in our ears and keep moving.
We are in the middle of a war of ideas while we hear, think, and act, for the most part, contrary to our nature. We will be held accountable at some point in time because it’s a certainty that eventually, nature will have its way. The stakes are very high. As we are about to enter the second half of 2008, our future is not looking very bright. The pundits predict a worsening of economic conditions.
Perhaps it’s time to take the headphones out of our ears, turn the radio off, unplug the television and sit quietly for a moment to reflect upon where we are and who we are, then ask the questions of how we got to this place and what we can do to bail ourselves out to return to sanity. We need to face the reality of the way things are.
I for one lived in the Great Depression, which in retrospect may have been a picnic if the predictors of things to come are correct.
Let us bow our heads and pray for divine intervention.
Let Freedom Ring!

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