I loved the story about “The Horse Whisperer” and very much enjoyed a program I saw on television several years ago about a man who seemed to know everything about roping and training wild horses out west. He would track these beautiful wild creatures, spending days following them, then roping and working with them as they fought the restraining capture and the ensuing power struggle to convince the wild horse to submit to his leadership.
As he explained his technique, it all boiled down to the willing submission of the horse to his leadership. And in the course of the event, one could see how the horse eventually felt comfortable with the leadership of his captor. The animal stopped fighting and went along with his new companion.
It reminded me of the man who told his wife that the way to train a horse was to be gentle, then took her along on a wild training mission where he hit the horse with a buggy whip, to the surprise of his wife. She reminded him of telling her to be gentle and he replied, “but first I must get his attention.”
I recall another story about a man appearing before the King after committing a crime, when the King told the man he would spare his life if he would teach his horse to fly in six months. The man agreed to the bargain, and returned home telling his family and friends about his pact with the King. All told him it was a crazy, far fetched idea, but the man explained, “in six months the king might die, in six months he may die, and who knows, in six months I might teach that horse to fly.” An optimistic outlook for one facing the death penalty, I dare say.
I can’t help but compare the training of horses to the current political situation. The wild promises the candidates make, the extreme unruliness of some of their ideas and promises…promises of plans to take care of all of us in various ways…while American citizens face run a way inflation, an unbridled raging war costing billions and now headed into trillions, open borders flooding with illegal aliens. What voters are looking for is leadership. Someone with the rationale to lead us out of a wild mess of things.
However, I for one neither do nor hear leadership, but an emphasis on winning the election and the lust for power and the seduction of the process. One person, Ron Paul, did express some sane ideas in his short stint as low man on the totem pole. Yet he did not last long in the horse race. Now we are down to three candidates  that are so similar if they were shaken up in a paper bag I don’t know which would fall out first. If it were not for the seriousness of the situation, it would be downright ludicrous.
I looked up the word “candidate” in the dictionary and the definition stated, “one who seeks or nominated for an office of honor or privilege.”

All three candidates already hold a position of honor and privilege in the U.S. Congress. They all hold and have held positions of national leadership. And everyone knows things have gotten progressively worse over the years. My question is how is it holding a higher office of honor and privilege going to change anything for the better?
It does not seem plausible to me. Change the direction of things, don’t just change the guards. 

Let Freedom Ring!


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