I’m not a fan of political intervention into the lives of self-responsible citizens. I’m for self-responsibility. However, political government has its fingers in rules, regulations, and policies that affect every phase of our lives. From health, food, clothing and shelter, to education, transportation, communication, and all areas of private property, we are ruled, regulated and taxed.
Even free speech has been restricted and condemned in so many areas of our lives, we are required to censor what we say, or the government will do it for us and then punish us. All of this has been taking place over a period of time, continually getting worse not better.

As I’ve said before, freedom is a total concept and enslavement is a condition of degrees. The question is what is our degree of bondage? Starting with freedom being 100 percent and subtracting the degrees of bondage, where are we on the scale? In what areas of your life are you totally free to be self- responsible and in control?
One area that has been of great interest to me personally is the area of health in general and vaccinations in particular.  When I was going through school I did not have vaccinations and despite the fact I had some childhood diseases like chicken pox, mumps, and measles, I recovered rapidly and was generally quite healthy.
A number of years ago when I applied for a passport to travel abroad, vaccinations were required. The cholera and smallpox shot nearly killed me. As a result, I became very opposed to any kind of vaccination. I think they are unnecessary and can be life-threatening. But the pharmaceutical companies and the government have propagandized for everyone to have them beginning the day one is born, convincing them they are absolutely necessary, and in some cases, are even legally required.

This is a gross violation of one’s personal freedom.
Recent news articles revealed the University of Southern Maine required 400 students to be vaccinated for mumps, stating that failure to meet the vaccination requirement would result in being banned from the school. These students did not have mumps; they just had not been vaccinated for them. The Maine Center for Disease Control amended health codes requiring college students be inoculated.  Most children are required to be vaccinated for mumps shortly after birth, known as MMR, a shot that has been linked to the rise of autism.

This is just an example of the thousands of wrongful intrusions by a government agency into the personal lives of American citizens. In addition, this is a gross violation of their personal freedom. As a matter of fact, we hear and read on a regular basis about all sorts of similar gross violations of individual freedoms, covering a multitude of areas in all of our lives. So much so, we seem numbed to any concern or reaction to any of it. No one is doing anything, and rarely do we hear some lone voice in the wilderness voicing any objection.
What has happened in this country? What has caused us to be so different from those early settlers who fought for the freedoms in this country and had “root, hog, or die” as their motto? Instead, that motto is replaced today by a “change, change, change” mantra.

Change to what? And why is there almost no resistance to change the degree of bondage by a political government infringing upon all areas of our lives?

In this election year, the political candidates are calling for change. And the change they speak of is more government doles and controls, like socialized medicine. We already have socialized medicine. At least for some and not others it’s a sort of group selection socialized medicine.
All political governments are socialistic to some degree. There are different names for varying degrees, but socialism is a system that rejects private ownership of property. Your money is your property, and when one is forced by the threat of a gun to give money to support socialized tax supported schools that implement programs of required acts with a hypodermic needle, those are indicative acts and tactics of a socialistic system…not portrayal acts of a free society.
Let Freedom Ring and Ring and Ring!

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