In today’s climate of revved up political speeches—all tromping, stomping and chomping at the bit—it seems so much of the verbiage is focused on what the centralized government is going to do for all of us—a commitment to give all of us a free lunch while taking us into the promise land. It reminds me of the days when President Delano Roosevelt had the same plans.
Remember that no political government has anything until it first takes something from someone. The operative word is “take” because people do not voluntarily give their property to a centralized political system.
I’m reminded of the story of the wild hogs in the swamp area of the Okefenokee in southeast Georgia. For years, the local residents tried to capture the hogs for food. However, as legend has it, anyone who ventured into the swamp to capture the hogs never returned. Consequently, the locals were afraid to go into the swamp area.
One day, a one-gallused stranger in overalls (now known as jeans) rode into town in a wagon inquiring as to where he could find the wild hogs he had heard about. All the locals looked at each other and knew right away he was not from around there, or he would have known better than to consider capturing the wild animals. He insisted on directions and they were so stunned they could only point him in the direction.

When he drove off, they all shook their heads thinking that was the last they would see of him.
He was in the swamp a couple of months. Then one day, drove out with a wagonload of hogs. Everyone gathered to behold the stranger and his capture. The locals wanted to know how he did it.

“Well,” he said. “I parked my wagon, set up camp, and started throwing corn out in the area.”

At first, nothing came near the free food, yet he kept throwing out food every day until finally the young pigs started nibbling at the corn. This continued for a time. Finally, the grown hogs ventured out and started eating the corn. While they were feasting off the free food, he built a fence around them. He then said, “I knew I had ‘em! All I had to do then was hog tie and load ‘em up!”

He looked at the crowd that had gathered and told them he could catch any animal in the world if he could first get it to accept a FREE hand-out.
So the story goes about how to capture wild animals. “For whom do the bells toll, they toll for thee.”
Let Freedom Ring!

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