The happenings between the three presidential candidates is like a ping-pong game. First, it’s one attacking, then the others attacking each other back.

The news is dominated by who’s saying what about each other–the remarks, criticism, and response—over and over in a squirrel cage type syndrome.
The latest is the attack on Obama regarding his remarks about Americans being bitter and frustrated, filled with anger and who will “wind up voting on issues like guns and the right to bear arms,” further saying, “people don’t vote for economic issues because they don’t expect anyone is going to help them.” Then Hillary made an issue out of this in her speeches, criticizing his remarks. Then both wind up yelling elicit remarks at one another.

My question is what does any of this have to do with the problems and solutions facing this society? Is it some kind of cardinal sin to be concerned about one’s constitutional right to bear arms?  Is it taboo to seek solace in one’s religion during these times, “that try men’s soul?”  Is this the best we have to offer in the way of leadership for this country?

With the conditions in this country, it’s no wonder the citizens are angry and upset. Loss of jobs, loss of value in the monetary system, loss of homes and other properties, loss of personal freedom, compounded by the absence of any great leadership to steer us out of it.
The best thing the government could do is get off our backs, leave the producers alone, adopt a laissez-faire policy and allow the free enterprise, capitalistic system to work without interference of the voluntary exchange of goods and services.
The ties that bind individuals to political government need to be cut. The power used to take one’s property, so dogmatically imposed, needs to be stopped. It is paralyzing this country, stifling creativity and productivity, causing us to be subservient and dependent upon foreign countries like China. It thwarts production, while the loss of jobs creates hostility.  The uncompromising position the government holds onto and expands by taking property for redistribution, promotes the anger and frustration and fear in the people.
What Obama speaks of is the effects of what government has done, not the cause. We are not in a battle between those who believe in the right to bear arms versus those who don’t. Nor is it a battle between different theologies. We are in a battle of ideologies. The battle is between those who desire individual freedom and believe in their right to own and control their property, versus those who believe in the suppression of personal freedom and seek to impose the suppression by force or the threat of force.
Because we are a nation of people who prefer peace to war, we uphold and cherish the right to bear arms to ensure peace, not to battle in a war with others. We are shocked, angry, and frustrated at the unintended consequences of the passage of so many laws and the proliferation of costly bureaucratic departments that enforce them while we are charged to finance them.

We can’t seem to bring ourselves to terms with the reality of our predicament. While many think flocking to the polls to vote in another politician may be the answer, we want change when this direction will predictably only change those in the seats of power.
We can have a non-combative resolution. One without the exchange of gunfire. But we will not  change the direction we are headed without recognition of precisely what the problem is first. We must rid ourselves of the notion that a centralized government is the rescuer. It is not the nature of government to reduce its powers. The history of mankind and government clearly points out this fact.
However, this government started out managing the affairs of the people with the least amount of control over individual lives.
We were once a free people, with a “root hog or die mentality.” But slowly, bit by bit, we relinquished our responsibility to govern ourselves and slowly turned over individual responsibility to a centralized government. Now we live in a generation where political government simply takes what it wants, when it wants, with disregard for those individual rights given to us by our Creator.
Freedom and ownership of property is a total concept, and we are no longer free. We have lost our way. We can find our way back by reaching into the wisdom of such great moral guides as The Ten Commandments and The Declaration of Independence, not by the oratory of the current crop of political candidates.

I listen to a lot of speeches and have yet to hear any of them expand upon those principles expressed in those two great documents.
I think Obama did us a favor by pointing out the fact that we are bitter, angry, and upset. I agree with him. But my agreement ends there. It is not over the right to bear arms, nor anything else he touched upon. Fear causes hostility, so what are we afraid of?
We fear the loss of our property, our money, the freedom to travel as we choose, the freedom to be in charge to raise our children as we see fit. We fear because of the loss of those unalienable rights expressed in the Bill of Rights. We fear the loss of the freedom to speak freely, the loss of ownership of property. We fear the loss of being able to educate our children as we choose, instead of mandates from the government.

The “bitterness” he speaks of comes from fear of the loss of so much we held dear and cherished. The bitterness does not stem from our right to bear arms…we still have that. The consensus of feeling is not one of, “shoot ‘em up” mentality, implied by the loss to bear arms. The right to bear arms is one right still intact, but referred to in the media as “the bitter battle.” It’s all a mischaracterization of the root cause of the dilemma we are currently in.  It is ludicrous to expect a solution to a problem we have not defined.
Truth is that which is the absence of a lie. We have been misled. We are still being misled. As rational human beings, we need to stop for a moment, smell the roses, and reflect upon how we got here, the role we played in it, then decide what it is we want to do about it—calmly and rationally. In the spirit and ingenuity of the American people lies the ability to get us out of the ditch we are in on the road to Socialism.
Let Freedom Ring!


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  1. Freedom Lady says:

    Despite a lot of deletions, still thousands coming in, with information on how to write a Blog. Whats the purpose for it? Heres a quote from Freedom Newspapers, ‘bits & pieces”, The reason we distrust the, ‘do-gooder’ is because we instinctively suspect that his zeal is based on hatred and not love.His professed “love’ for victims, may be, its a cover, for his more base hatred for the rest of us’ Is this some kind of left-wing , hatred for Freedom, campaign? Please if you cant comment relative to subject matter, spend your time writing on other sites, and not mine. Thank you, annecleveland, editor-in-chief