Because most Americans are not dishonest con artists, we do not always remember political government is a con game.

I for one have to stop and remind myself of this fact on a regular basis as I hear and read what is going on in Washington and with the political candidates running for President.

The con game is simple—keep your eye on this ball while we are doing something else.

Never has this been more glaring than the revelations in current events.
Currently before Congress is the Global Poverty Act (S-2433) sponsored by Senator Barack Obama. It’s a welfare package to third-world countries costing American taxpayers $845 billion. This is in addition to this nation’s Foreign Aid Program, which in 2006 cost American taxpayers about $300 billion. If you are like me, it’s difficult to wrap my mind around those staggering numbers.
But what is easy for all of us to understand is the amount of dollars it is now costing to fill up the gas tank and pay at the grocery checkout. And very easy to understand the outrage at such gouging of our pocket books, forced to pay for worldwide welfare.
As I understand it, the Global Poverty Act has already passed the House of Representatives and is now before the Senate for a vote of passage before going to President Bush for his signature.
All the news the past few weeks has been dominated by the remarks of Reverend Wright, Obama’s Church of Christ Pastor, followed by Obama’s rebuttal to the pastor’s remarks. I have not heard one word in the news media about this outrageous global welfare package being passed by Congress. I heard about it via an internet newsletter.

While our attention was being so diverted by news saturation of what Obama’s pastor was saying, Obama was sponsoring a bill of over $845 billion to take from American citizens and give to other countries!! Talk about a con game!!
Think about it, while a presidential candidate talks about distancing himself from his pastor and the bitterness of the people regarding their concerns over loss of jobs, pay-checks, homes, rising cost of everything, there is no mention by him of the $845 plus billion bill HE SPONSORED before Congress to further gouge the American taxpayer.
No less than a Greek Tragedy,  there is fiddling while Rome burns. 

While this presidential candidate is playing a fiddle of empathy and concern with grand-standing promises of “change” in Washington, already in motion and being voted upon is a bill he sponsored that will cost Americans over $845 billion for a global welfare program.

It’s a “keep your eye on this ball, while I’m doing something else game.”

All the blame does not lie at the feet of Obama because all those members of Congress in the House (at least the majority) have voted to pass the bill.

I listen to many news reports and have not heard one mention of this Global Poverty Act by other candidates, pundits, nor news media. This kind of huge give-away of taxpayers’ money should be all over the news because everyone will be adversely affected by this. The news blackout of such a large chunk of money taken away from the American people is the most frightening aspect of the action taking place right under our noses.

The bad news is the absence of news of an $845 billion rip-off. This is tantamount to daylight robbery.
As I understand it, this massive give-a-way program will be handled by The United Nations!! A move towards a One World Government, owned and operated by the United Nations being implemented while our attention is on what Obama is doing to handle the remarks of his church pastor and how he’s going to get the votes to be the Presidential nominee. All at the same time he is sponsoring this staggering, jaw-dropping bill, now before Congress.

All three candidates are elected senators, who will be voting on this bill. And in all their speeches and interviews, I have heard not one mention of this Global Poverty Bill now before Congress.
“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive.”
Let Freedom Ring!

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