In this age of information, there’s no excuse for anyone to remain ignorant about what’s going on in your life relative to your health.

There is a continuous proliferation of information about disease, health, and cures coming from a variety of sources like your television, radio, magazines, newspapers and books, just to name a few.

Just this morning I received information about the manufacturing of drugs in other countries. Appallingly, it was reported that the FDA inspects less than 3%. Then I read about the adverse effects of these drugs, which sometimes can even lead to death. Another article I recently read told about imported food that was grown domestically and was contaminated.

From meat and spinach to peanut butter and strawberries, we hear the horror stories on the news about contamination that results in sickness and sometimes death.Then we read about the infectivity of the water we drink and the air we breathe.
It’s a wonder any of us enjoy longevity in our lives. Yet in spite of all that’s detrimental to our lives and health, many of us have survived it all.
Sometimes in life threatening situations we must go under the surgeon’s scalpel or take a drug, but that should be a last resort, not the first thing to do when one has a physical problem.
I view many things in life by seeing it as either a source or a resource. And believe there is a divine presence that created each of us and that that same source that created can recreate. I believe that in order to have good health we must keep our bodies in structural alignment and feed it foods that contain all the minerals in the earth including all the trace minerals.
Just over a year ago, after going through a lot of stress over a major move, I did not pay as much attention to what I was eating as I normally did. I became run down with low energy. A check up revealed I was anemic. The doctor prescribed iron pills.

I never took the pills but started taking a spoonful of blackstrap molasses every day, eating leafy greens like spinach and foods rich in iron, in addition to taking some vitamin and mineral supplements to balance my body chemistry. Consequently, my energy level started returning.
We used to hear the saying, “you are what you eat.” Then we heard it said, “you are what you eat that gets to the cell level.”

Now it’s more than that; it’s eating foods according to our individual metabolism and having the proper substances in our bodies to digest and assimilate the things we eat. We are all different.
I did not understand very much about nutrition until I researched the autonomic nervous system. Divided into two parts–sympathetic dominant or parasympathetic dominant—both are a condition of one’s metabolism we are born with.

There are several peculiar characteristics relating to which one we are. But mainly it’s the acid alkalinity of the body and knowing which category we are in that helps determine the foods or supplements to take to balance our body chemistry. It’s fairly common knowledge now-a-day.

Yet big pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, AMA, and mainstream press all pitch information aimed at making money rather than focusing the attention on health and healing.

Accordingly, the responsibility for one’s health and well being requires sorting through information to educate oneself relative to the best course of action to achieve and sustain good health. The good news is that there is an innate intelligence in each person’s body, which is always working toward health and healing if we just work with it using some common sense guidelines.
I have a library of books on a variety of subjects that include health and healing.

One interesting book I have had for many years is written by a man 120 years old titled, Become Younger. The admonition, “be your own physician,” we have all heard, but few take heed.

Yet if we take the time to read and research we can all improve our health and avoid the poisonous drugs and contaminated foods that plague our society. We can become a better physician to ourselves and stop being so dependent upon someone else to regain or sustain good health. Your health is not someone else’s responsibility, it’s yours. Listen to your own body.
From one Octogenarian to another—stop, look, and pay attention if you want to be healthy.
Let Freedom Ring!

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