Back in the 1960s and 70s, I subscribed to and regularly read The Colorado Springs Gazette—one of Harry Hoiles’ chains of freedom newspapers. The great editorials always had an underlying theme of freedom on a variety of subjects. On the corner of one of the pages, it always highlighted a section with quotes titled “bits and pieces.” I still have a copy of one of those quotes even after all these years. It has yellowed with time and I can hardly read it, but here is what it said:

“The reason we often distrust the, “do-gooder” is because we instinctively suspect his zeal is based on hatred not love. His professed love for ‘victims’ may be just a cover of base hatred for all the rest of us.”
It seems the political campaign, which did not have a lot of meat and potatoes content to begin with, has been reduced to accusations and polite mud slinging. The latest being Hillary accusing Obama of being uppity and an “elitist.” Who cares if he is? I have always thought Hillary projected a “noblesse oblige” attitude.
All the candidates in one form or another try to pitch a line of what they are going to do for the so-called “middle-class” Americans…a term I find as distasteful as Franklin Roosevelt’s over use of the term “common man” with a promise of leading Americans into The Promise Land. Then Lyndon Johnson came along and promised to build “The Great Society.” Politicians have had “do-goodism” ideas as far back as I can recall.
Above all else, talk about “change” is all this crop of candidates discuss, which is just non-specific verbiage. They could talk about the United States Constitution—its meaning and about how politicians have ignored its very meaning and destroyed personal freedom, replacing it with bureaucratic policies, edicts, rules, and regulations.

I don’t think they know the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. And probably couldn’t figure it out with a troop of Boy Scouts, four flashlights, a divining rod, two Indian guides, and three guard dogs.
With the dollar sinking like a bowling ball in a hot tub, the economy is in such a mess the “experts” are now saying we are in a recession and headed for a depression. Illegal aliens are crossing our borders in droves, we’re in the midst of a raging costly war (which no one knows why we’re even in in the first place), and all the while the candidates running for the United States presidential election—the most important job in the world—are flailing their arms, talking about bitterness and elitism. Is that craziness or what?
Was it Shakespeare who said, “vanity of vanities, all is vanity”? Whoever said it, I’d like to paraphrase by saying, “insanity of insanity, all is insanity!” And we all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.
Accordingly, what is going on now is nothing less than more of the same with a promise of “change.” The only change that interests me is a change of return to the principles expressed in The Declaration of Independence and the original United States Constitution.
Now I do not have any personal dislike for the politicians running for office. I think they are misinformed and uninformed. Their rhetoric is distasteful and they seem to be bankrupt of any meaningful ideas. Not only are they unable to articulate any significant solutions to the problems we all face in this great country, but they don’t even understand what the problems are. Or, if they do, they don’t acknowledge them. Therefore, how can one fix something they don’t acknowledge?
Of the three candidates, one is an African American, one is a woman, and one is a man too old for the job. I for one do not believe that which is right comes in color, gender, nor age, but that which is right and correct and truth emanates from the heart of the individual.

Who among the three candidates has made a speech about the erosion and undermining of individual freedom in this country? And when they speak of the “middle class,” “low class,” and “impoverished class,” who has mentioned the cause is most likely the gouging of wages by a centralized government?

There are actually just three classes of people in this country—producers, non-producers, and distributors. Political government is the distributor, taking from the producer to give to the non-producer, while creaming a chunk off the top to sustain the lifestyle of the distributors. Who can argue with that simple fact? This is simple unvarnished truth a child can understand. Even Obama says we have fallen into a false debate. Why is that I ask?
I suggest the candidates may just be sincerely wrong. But what’s at stake is our lives, liberty and property. With that much at stake, how can we afford more “false debates” and the absence of recognition of what the real problems are? Are we living in some “fools paradise?”

Perhaps we would know the solution if we started asking the right questions.

Perhaps we could better understand what has taken place by visualizing a pyramid. In the beginning of this nation, the power of the people was in the broad base of the pyramid, with limited powers of political government at the small tip of the pyramid. Now visualize that pyramid reversed and upside down, resting on its tip, with the power of political government still at the top but on the broad base of the inverted pyramid and the power of the people reduced to the small tip. With that in mind, now think about how long an inverted pyramid can stand teetering on its tip, top heavy. Obviously it can topple and crash any time.
I agree with Obama. We are in a false debate. In my opinion, it’s more than a debate. We are in a war. A war of ideas. An ideology. A fast track road down socialism.  And socialism is a system that denies private ownership of property whether one calls it fascism, communism, or by any other name. It’s a system that denies private ownership of property while a centralized government controls the distribution of goods and services. Where are we on that road today?
While our attention is focused on political speeches about whose bitter about what, or who’s attitude is uppity and elitist, we flock to the polls, like sheep to slaughter, without demanding  something more meaningful like discussion about our lives, liberty, and property.
To survive, we must wake up to the reality of what is taking place.
Let Freedom Ring!

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