Today is the Pennsylvania primary with the two top democratic contenders duking it out over the airways to see which will be the nominee to face off with republican nominee John McCain.
McCain is traveling around making speeches waiting to see who his opponent will be. His speeches are boring and he would probably be better off saying very little, saving his energy to face off with Hillary or Obama. 

Today I heard on the news that he said, “cutting taxes was more important than balancing the budget.” Also on the news was that the national debt was nine trillion, in addition to daily reports of the staggering cost of the Iraqi war mounting daily.

Is this a choice McCain is offering? Imagine a warden going to a man on death row saying, “I think it’s more important to give you lethal injection than the electric chair.”
I keep listening for one of these candidates to make sense out of something. McCain’s made it quite clear he’s not for ending the war any time soon. How is a debt of nine trillion dollars and a continuing cost of the war going to be paid for by cutting taxes? This kind of non-rational thinking has all the tummy tingling, rib sticking, mouth watering salivation of a boiled watermelon.
I can’t help but notice lately that Hillary has gotten away from her mantra of universal socialized health care, turning her attention instead to attacking Obama and labeling him an uppity elitist. She’s trying to portray a “local girl” image to the residents of Pennsylvania by telling stories about her grandfather growing up there.
Then there’s Obama who has barely gotten out of the mire he was stuck in over his religious advisor before sticking his fingers in another hot potato pie by saying the American people were bitter and medicated their feelings by thinking about religion and guns.
This reminds me of a sort of Southern redneck type story I heard many years ago. An elderly country man operated a roadside fruit stand with his grandson who was a bit retarded.  One day when the old man had to leave on an errand, he left instructions with the young man not to say anything to anyone no matter what they said or asked, or they would find out he really did not have good sense. After the old man left, a customer came and asked the price of several items and the young boy would not answer. The customer was exasperated and walked away saying, “you must be an idiot.” When the grandfather returned, the young boy said, “I did not say anything, but the customer found out I was an idiot anyway.”
This is not to imply these candidates are idiots, but to suggest that if we listen to what they are saying and not saying, it will become glaringly apparent they do not know what the real issues are facing this nation and therefore, have no workable, viable solution to the woes that face this country.
These three candidates have been in Congress for a combined term total of over 25 years when things have gone from bad to worse. How can we expect anything different?
The Constitution of the United States establishes Congress to make the laws, the Supreme Court to interpret the laws and the Executive Branch to enforce the laws.  Why is it that the combined length of time in Congress that these three candidates share has not solved problems, yet compounded them? One can pretty much predict future behavior by past behavior and performance.
From early years of my life, I have heard it said that the United States government is never far ahead, nor far behind the tempo of the American people. If this is true, we have allowed it to happen.
I don’t think the majority of Americans are bitter, seeking relief via religion and guns. I think they are angry and frustrated and seeking relief from governmental intrusion into their lives. The problem lies in expectations. One does not go to the fox to find out what happened to the chickens. The expectation that any one of these candidates will have a solution to all that plagues this country is unrealistic.
We need to stop and think about the very nature of political government. It is not the nature of political government to reduce its powers. History of civilization proves this. It is the nature of a centralized government to take more and more control over the lives of individuals to confiscate property.
How ludicrous of Hillary to call Obama an elitist! They are all elitist in governmental seats of power. And Hillary and Bill Clinton lead the pack. In fact, their tax report revealed they were worth one hundred million dollars! That’s about as elitist as they come.

And how dumb McCain must think we are with his pitch saying he thought reduction of taxes was more important than balancing the budget. And how naive of Obama to suggest we are bitter and seek refuge in religion and guns to medicate our feelings of bitterness.
This type of thinking out pictured by what they say is the choice of a leader of this great nation. If this is the best we can do, it speaks volumes about who we have become and what we have allowed to happen.
Surely everyone is familiar with the Emperor’s New Clothes fairy tale in which a kingdom spent months in anticipation of a parade to show off the Emperor’s new wardrobe. Everyone lined the streets to see the Emperor in his new clothing. Everyone ooohed and aaahed as the Emperor marched down the street on his white horse, but one little boy stuck his head out from the crowd and yelled, “he’s naked!”
This country is filled with a lot of smart, well educated people. It’s filled with decent, law-abiding, hard working people, and loving families taking care of their children. As a whole, this nation is filled with loving, compassionate, and generous people.

What has happened to us that has allowed us to permit such flagrant erosion of our individual freedoms? What happened to that spirit of early freedom lovers that caused them to dump tea in the bay with a “root, hog, or die” determination to be free? Why are we so apathetic about the loss of so much freedom? Why do we no longer talk about freedom but listen to speeches about elitism, bitterness, and whether tax cuts or balancing a budget is more important?
We could begin by asking questions—asking the right questions to find the right solutions. We flock to the polls like sheep to slaughter and do not question. We could begin by asking questions and taking control back over our lives, liberty, and property. The person who asks questions is in control of a given situation.
I listen to a lot of news and political speeches, town hall gatherings, etc. I haven’t heard anyone ask Hillary why she called Obama an elitist. Nor anyone ask Obama why he claims the American people are bitter. Nor why McCain makes the assertions he does about anything.
But more importantly than asking candidates questions, we should be asking ourselves questions. Like how, when, and where, did we arrive at this sad state of affairs we are now in and what contributions did we as individuals make to cause it? The tremendous loss of individual freedom, did not “just happen.” Something caused it.
Let Freedom Ring!

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