For those who may not recall the Russian Scientist, Pavlov, and his experience with dogs, it goes like this. As I recall, he observed dogs during their feeding times. He noted that the dogs would begin salivating at the sight of food.

As a result, he started ringing a bell when he presented the food. The dogs, apparently at some point, equated the bell ringing with the presentation of food, and after a time, they would salivate in response to the hearing of the bell ring when no food was even present. Thereby, creating a conditioned response. In this connection, many areas of our lives have been affected by the use of this conditioned response experiment. Especially in advertising, politics, and in other areas.
Like most everyone else using a computer, I receive a lot of e-mails and information, especially newsletters. Some I subscribe to, including several from advocacy groups. I’m always interested in what kind of power moves and motivates.

A recent example is a trip I took to a north Georgia stone ground cornmeal store. After purchasing numerous items, I went out back to view the dam, The force of the moving water, which flows over the dam, powers the large wheel  that turns the huge stones, subsequently grinding the meal…fascinating to watch this process.
Conversely, it seems some things are moved by an unseen power, or, a power so disguised, we do not realize where it’s coming from or how it’s operating. Which brings to mind the question, where does political  government get all its awesome power? Some might say the Constitution.  But the powers as outlined in the Constitution are a limited power, not an unbridled, unlimited power we experience today.

I suggest the power it claims comes from dependency upon it and opposition to it. That’s where the water over the dam that turns the wheel and operates the grist mill of political power, seems a reasonable analogy.
Political power actually derives from the people. The people depending upon it from cradle to grave benefit and along the way voice opposition to it. Nothing complicated about that. But rather strange to me I never hear anyone mention this cause.
I recently received newsletters from two large advocacy groups announced they’re seeking support for their agendas. They’re both utilizing and soliciting write-in campaigns to oppose recent government action.

One is looking to prevent the government from raising Medicare premiums, while the other is looking to stop the House Speaker from putting amnesty, relating to the illegal aliens, back on the table. In both instances, the proposed organized action is a call to deal with the symptoms of a problem not the cause. In this connection, political government simply thrives on this kind of opposition. First comes dependency, then opposition, then unbridled expansion.
The dog bites the flea, the flea bites the dog, and they stay together.
We hear  repetition of the verbiage so often we simply act and react to the ringing of the bell, without thinking it through as to the root cause or to hear the symptoms. There are consequences to cause and consequences for not dealing with that. This results in an increasing loss of individual freedom and property rights while we listen to the bell ringing spin of symptoms.
The absurd thinking that thousands of write-ins designed to stop the House Speaker from placing amnesty back on the table is actually going to solve the problem of 12 million illegal aliens in this country, is only the culprit of a wild, vivid imagination.

Now I don’t think there is anything wrong with people banding together to promote some worthwhile cause. Or coming together for some particular ideology. But group organization for action relating to political government with a basic premise of only dealing with the symptoms of problems, lends one’s energy to opposition that feeds  the power of the political machinery that operates the political government.

Let Freedom Ring!


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