Not any place have our personal freedoms in this country ever been so under assault as in the area of raising children. This is especially prevalent in the latest news about the activist court decision in California where the court ruled parents of 166,000 students being home-schooled could face criminal charges.
Over 40 years ago, I personally faced threatened arrest for removing my children from the clutches of the socialized tax-supported school system and home schooling them.
In this election year, the news is dominated by such things as to which candidate is ahead in the polls, what one candidate said about another, what a candidate’s spouse said,  what a candidates pastor said, how much money they collect, who’s collecting more money, who’s contributing monies to the candidates, where advertising ads are placed, what their billboards say, how much a candidate spends on a hair cut, who’s lying about what, who has more experience doing what, who has more longevity on tax paid payrolls, what’s happening in their campaign offices, and on and on it goes…
While all our personal freedoms are under assault, and never so glaringly as to what is happening to the children in this country, we tolerate and participate in such ridiculous, absurd, non-issue, domination of our time and thoughts as the things I mention.
Going back as far as Lenin and the manifesto of Karl Marx, we have been told the enemies of freedom have been two main objectives:  the takeover and mind control of one generation, and the abolishment of personal property rights. Which candidate is talking about those issues? More importantly, which news agency talks about these issues?
While there are almost daily reports of what is happening  in the schools—physical assaults, killings, drugs, gangs, adverse effects of forced immunizations as a prerequisite for entry into the schools, plus a laundry list of threats and dangers to children—they are being carried out by those who are paid to teach and protect our children. Salaries are paid by the parents and non-parents of these children operating within a socialized school system.
I personally have been encouraged by the number of parents taking on the responsibility of educating their own children. Not only in California, but the thousands of parents across this country who have removed their children from the tax-supported system, teaching their children at home or placing them in private schools. Unfortunately, so much in textbook material is slanted toward the basic premise of socialism. Still, the children have a better chance of being educated as opposed to being indoctrinated.
We should all look with great interest to what is happening in California, with reference to home schooling, and the outcome of a court ruling now on appeal.

Let Freedom Ring!

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