Several years ago, someone asked me if I had ever had an out-of-body experience. My quip answer was, “it seems I have rarely ever been in mine.”
I jokingly say that because some of my ideas and opinions are so out of the mainstream, and so contrary to popular opinion. I’m sure it appears to some that I have left my body and am on another planet. Nevertheless, we all view things differently. We have different value systems and values by their very nature are always changing.

That’s the nature of values and there’s nothing wrong with it. When I buy a can of soup at the grocery store, I value the can, which probably cost more than its content. However, when I arrive home, and open it to heat and eat, my values change and I throw the can in the garbage.
We live in a world of constantly changing values. One season mini skirts are all the rage, next season ankle length skirts are in vogue, while the next season knee length dresses are fashionable. Some like short hair, others like long locks. All around us there is evidence of ever-evolving values. Conversely, principles never change. Those undeviating, immutable laws of the universe. Like gravity, even though we may love it, hate it, understand it, defy it, or abide by it, it never changes.

Boiled water is a prime example. In order to have it, one must apply two universal laws—contain it and heat it. It makes no difference where you live in the universe, in order to have boiled water one must apply those two universal laws. The bottom line is that values are always changing and principles never do. Unfortunately, some confuse the two.
A number of years ago I read a book by Admiral Byrd, the great explorer, titled Alone. It was an autobiography of his life and in it, he describes his experiences exploring the South Pole. He decided to leave his camp and crew to go on an exploratory trip alone.

He traveled some distance from his crew and camp and got caught in a severe snowstorm. He set up camp and dug into the snow. He lost contact with his other crew members and no one could reach him, the weather was that severe. He became quite ill and was all alone at the bottom of the Earth, trying to survive. There was nothing he nor anyone else could do to rescue him because of the severe weather conditions. It was a life-threatening situation. He describes in graphic detail what he experienced and tells the beautiful story of how he felt a “oneness with the universe,” describing it as perfect peace and perfect joy.

He tells the story of hearing “the music of the spheres,” recounting it as the most beautiful sounds beyond anyone’s imagination. It wasn’t an out-of-body experience. He was consciously in his body with this extraordinary experience of perfect harmony in his entire being. The perfect harmony of oneness with the universe is in the stillness, alone in a snowstorm, completely cut off from any other living human being at the South Pole.
I copied the paragraph of his description and carried it in my bill fold for many years afterward, as I was so impressed with his description of what he experienced. For those that may be wondering, he survived and was ultimately rescued.
We read, hear, and know some things about the universe and universal laws, but many think they can defy the laws and get away with it. Unfortunately, we abuse each other with words and deeds, and assume if we have the power to mistreat and abuse, we’re not held accountable.

In this contentious election year—where there seems to be no boundaries for the angry and resentful behavior on the quest for power—we don’t know if we are in a recession, depression, inflation or stagflation, but we all know something is terribly wrong in this country. There is so much lying, stealing, name calling and abuse of political power, we have lost our way in defiance of universal principles. And we will not recover unless we find some way to live in harmony with each other and in harmony with the universe. Nature is always going to have its way in the end.
Let Freedom Ring!


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