I’d like to pick up a newspaper with a headline that reads “Government Shrinks, Individual Freedom Returns to its Citizens.”
I’d like to return to a time similar to how it was a few years back. Conversely, I’d like to still have all the superior, expedient things we enjoy today that we didn’t have available to us back then, like computers, television, portable phones, dishwashers, electric washers and dryers, DVDs, among a lot of other things. The convenience we enjoy today is due to the creativity of the people and the capitalistic free enterprise markets. Political government does not invent these things. People living in a free society do.
I’d like to return to a time when we did not have the thousands of governmental agencies and departments—federal, state, county and city.
I’d like to return to the time when one could drive without so much interference from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and to a time when children could attend school in a safe environment and be educated, instead of indoctrinated.
I’d like to return to the time when income taxes didn’t have to be filed. However, since that was before my time, passed in 1913, I can dream about it.
I’d like to return to the time when we could walk the city streets, or in the country, or in a park, without fear of being attacked by thugs and criminals, who now a day rob and kill for pocket change.
I’d like to return to the time when we could trust our neighbors and society as a whole. I recall growing up in the country where we never locked our doors, when windows were left open for the breeze to flow through (hence no cost for air conditioning at night).

I’d like to return to the time when, while living in the city, we could travel all over (for a mere quarter) in streetcars and trolley buses that traveled the width and breadth of the city.
I’d like to return to a time when law-abiding citizens owned a gun only for protection and children and teen gangs were not allowed to carry.
I’d like to return to the time when courts and justices followed the Constitution more closely and fairer in their rulings.
I’d like to return to a time when ownership of property meant ownership, and not just possession. A time when we weren’t subjected to unrealistic regulations while paying exorbitant costs to the government for a list of things—like having to get a permit for building a deck and being taxed for it, or installing a fence without permission from a government agency and having to pay taxes for the salary of an inspector.
I’d like to buy a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, or bag of potatoes without having to pay numerous taxes for it.

I’d like to return to a time when one apple, one orange, one avocado, or one lemon didn’t cost ninety-eight cents.
I’d like to have a periodic medical check-up without having to pay thousands for CAT scans, MRIs and all the other unnecessary tests that add up to astronomical costs.
I’d like to live in a time that unites the lifestyle of yesterday with all the convenience and pleasure of things we didn’t have back then.
Why is it we have come so far as a civilization in so many areas, yet have slid backwards in so many other areas? Are there any simple answers? Or, is it all so complex no one can figure out what to do about it? I personally have more questions than answers. Is it such a Rubik’s Cube type puzzle that we can’t figure it out? With all the brilliant, educated people today, why can’t someone figure it all out? Or have they, and are prevented by some power from doing anything about it?
I want to say like Macbeth “out dammed spot.” But all I can do is stop, watch, listen and wonder what’s in store for my precious grandchildren and all the other treasured children in this country as so many of our precious freedoms erode away. I guess I’ll just dream about it…
Let Freedom Ring!

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0 Responses to Just Dreaming…Ho Hum (Issue 30)

  1. Chrisg288 says:

    Any astute observer of life knows that it can not be absolutely contained. Life finds a way. That being said, it takes a great degree of conviction to act righteously in a time of darkness. In the end, it is not only the notion of control that is an illusion, but all existence is an illusion. It is a tremendous simulation. The purpose is, in my opinion, to teach about the perfection of heaven and spirit.

    I find your thoughts and writings to be wonderfully true and inspiring. Thank you.