“All the world is wrong but me and thee, and sometimes I have my doubts about thee.”
With all that’s going on in the world and this country in particular, listening to the daily news is a situation that plays up and down with our emotions like a mountain fiddle player. It’s the war, the economy, politics, the crime rate, adverse weather, shenanigans in Hollywood, and as my grandmother used to say…enough to make a preacher cuss, and some do.
If it were not for the tragedy of conditions, it would be downright amusing. Thank goodness for the comedy of the nighttime talk show host which provides a little relief.
Talk about the economy is running neck and neck with talk about the war and the political race. So I want to stick in my two cents of opinion about the economy. The one thing we all have is an opinion.
The economy deals with money and the production and exchange of goods and services. Money is simply a medium of exchange.  At one time in our history, we had gold, which has intrinsic value, and backed paper money. Then the government removed that backing and now has a grist mill of turning out paper dollars, referred to as fiat money.

Inflation simply means an increase in the supply of money. Consequently, it takes more and more of nothing to acquire something. The thing holding it up is the way we think about money. We could use shoelaces as a medium of exchange if the thinking of the people accepted that.
Because there is nothing of intrinsic value backing the monetary system, and the centralized government controls the money, they are free to print as much as they choose. Which is exactly what they are doing—flooding the market with paper dollars so it is devalued (because there’s so much of it and nothing backing it). This causes chaos in the marketplace
In the capitalist free enterprise system, it operates on a voluntary exchange of goods and services. It operates on a value system where one person values one thing more than another thing. When a person buys a hat, he/she values the hat more than the medium of exchange (money), and the seller values the money more than the hat. They both profit from the voluntary exchange.
Currently, the government is printing more paper money and pumping it back into the economy. The value of the dollar is on a downward spiral. The price of everything, from gas to groceries, is climbing at an expedited rate. This is caused by the value of the dollar diminishing at a very rapid rate. We have been through both boom and bust cycles. The government confiscated the gold and replaced it with irredeemable currency backed by nothing but promises.

Now, pyramiding government debt and managed currency appears somewhat unmanageable. Inflation is a sort of government pick-pocket manner of operating things, sadly to say.
There are several things that destroy civilizations, famine, pestilence, war and inflation.
Money is simply the medium of exchange and not real wealth. What can we do without it? Return to the barter system.
Lenin predicted back in the twenties that communism would destroy capitalism by forcing us into uncontrolled inflation, resulting in government bankruptcy. Not a pleasant outlook if that’s true.
What can we do about it one might ask? There is a laundry list of things we could do beginning with informing ourselves of the real truth about what is taking place. We can’t change what we do not know and acknowledge. Most everyone, including the government, is living beyond their means.
Someone once said, the only reason we don’t all own a giraffe is because we can’t buy one with a dollar down and a dollar per week.
The question is what do we want to do about it? It seems to me the current thinking is that we can vote ourselves out of the dilemma. Until we change that notion, it’s unlikely the direction in which things are heading will change. How do we remove an alligator from the pond? First, we must want to, then very carefully.
Nothing is set in stone, and this is just my opinion. I could be sincerely wrong. I decided to start blogging to tell stories and express my opinion, in addition to inviting my readers to join in and feel free to do the same. We can all learn something by listening to others. We can agree or disagree. And I for one believe there are a lot of smart people here in America.
According to many psychiatrists and psychologists, in the hierarchy of “needs,” above and beyond the need for food, clothing and shelter, is a need for recognition. A desire to express ourselves and have someone listen fulfills that need for many of us. Therefore, this blog site is an invitation to contact with your opinion.
When someone asked President Roosevelt advice on giving a speech, he said, “be brief, be sincere and be seated.”
Let Freedom Ring!

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  1. Chrisg288 says:

    You might be interested in the idea of Water as currency.. I proposed here.