In this election year, the rhetoric and dirty politics is in high gear. Like a ping-pong game, the accusations are slinging back and forth between the three major candidates.
Several years ago, there was a great Washington news correspondent named Jack Anderson who said, “I don’t cover the news. I uncover it.” I wish he was around today because there is so much covered up with spin, and so much to be uncovered, we are just beginning to hear about who’s buried what about whom, and why.
When this political campaign began over a year ago, I thought we were in a war of ideas. I was mistaken. It’s not on that level. No one seems to have any rational ideas about how to solve or resolve anything.

The presidential election has become a game of vicious mud slinging, trickery, deception, poll taking, and news mugging. All three candidates are senators and seem to have legislative immunity to their conduct. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. Inasmuch as they all seem bankrupt of ideas relative to a solution to the problems plaguing this country, perhaps they are triangulating with mud slinging.

Sadly, most Americans are expecting something they are not likely to get when there is a changing of the guards.
One day the news is all about what Hillary is doing and saying, and the polls show her in the lead. The next day it’s all about what Obama is doing and saying and the polls show him in the lead. Then McCain just leaves the country giving interviews in Saddam Hussein’s old palace in Iraq. Some say he’s trying to look presidential. La de da and tut tut.
One day Hillary is being called a monster by the Obama camp. Then Geraldine Ferraro enters the equation of back handed race injection. Now, Ferraro is a seasoned political pro and surely would not make any such remark without clearing it with the Clintons. She is not naive. But to go on TV interviews playing the victim and saying she was hurt…she’s not entitled to be hurt. The tragedy is this once great country being hurt by the likes of her.

For months, the pundits have been saying that we don’t know much about Obama. Then the floodgates opened with all sorts of information about him including a major exposé about his affiliation with his pastor advisor who spews forth venomous anti-American ranting. Then just today, the cat is out of the bag about the role Obama played in the firing of the nationally syndicated radio host Don Imus.

What goes around comes around. And gathers momentum when it does.
Hillary tried to repudiate remarks by Ferraro and Obama is trying to repudiate remarks by Pastor Wright. A can of worms opened on both sides and they are crawling everywhere.
The saddest scene of all to me was Obama making a speech of explanation for his involvement with the rabble-rouser anti-American, during which he was surrounded by eight American flags. I was a bit nauseated, perceiving it as denigrating the flag, as he tried to explain his involvement with a man damming America.
For a time it looked like Obama would be the democratic nominee, but who knows, it’s certainly tit for tat. And the Clintons hang on with the tenacity of a pit bull. After all, they are political pros. They started the race card game in South Carolina and it looks like it’s now paying off. It was her ace in the hole and since race is in the equation, it ought to be played. Obama’s strategy of avoidance to mention race came tumbling down on him. A lot of tiptoeing through the tulips there for awhile.
All three candidates are part of the Washington bureaucracy that has been running the show that has already dug us deep into a socialistic system.
Therefore, this campaign is not a war of ideas…not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s going to be business as usual and our country will be worse off no matter who’s elected. Until then, there’s going to be more hair pulling and gnashing of teeth.
Everyone has been crying “change, change change!” Well we are going to have it. I dare say that the change is going to go from bad to worse.

Let Freedom Ring!

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