Yesterday I received an advertisement in the mail, reminding me of termite season, and that it was time to protect my home before disaster. The ad boldly stated, “SWARM WARNING,” it’s termite season in your area. The ad stated the cost was $399 with guaranteed protection against termites.
I couldn’t help but identify the politicians and political government with the descriptive termite ad. The ad listed 4 things to consider to protect my property. One—more than 500 swarms are reported daily during swarm season. Two—swarm season is the most visible time for termites. Three—termites swarm to pair off, leave their colonies, and establish new ones. Four—you don’t have to see a swarm to have an infestation. The article went on to explain how termites could enter your property through the smallest spaces, undetected, until they had caused a great deal of damage, like crawling in and around concrete slabs.
The article stated, “no matter how your home is built, termites will find a way inside,”  Further estimating this year, termites will cause $5 billion in damage to homes. All this from these very tiny insects that sustain themselves by feeding off your property. Through the proliferation of numbers, they can destroy large homes and the destructive process can be well underway before the occupant knows anything is gnawing away.
If I inserted the word politician, or political government, in place of ‘termite’ in the above ad, there would be an uncanny analogy and accuracy to the description.
I have heard political government described in many ways as “cancer,” but never compared to termites. Yet the above advertisement seemed an appropriate analogy. The political process is also particular similar to cancer, in the way cells divide, subdivide and proliferate, causing pain and destruction. It’s also grossly related in how both frequently sneak up on an individual, many times in the advanced stage before individuals become aware they have a destructive enemy in their bodies.
The power to destroy, and control one’s property by the political government, has been a process over a lengthy period of time. Like an inch worm, little by little in the beginning, until a time like today when we are far down the road of socialism. And socialism is a system of government, with anti-private property ownership. Called by any name—Fascism, Communism, or Democracy—it’s the control and take over of individual freedom and private ownership by a centralized government, operated by the thousands of bureaucratic departments and agencies.
It was probably over 30 years ago when I read a great book by John T. Flynn titled, While You Slept. Like termites, the destruction has been a takeover of individual freedom and private properties, all while we slept. And for the strangest reason, it seems most citizens think we can vote our way backwards. This election year, with the ranting of politicians, reminds me of swarming. I wonder if there’s any similarity to others…
Let Freedom Ring!

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