The Republicans can out-democrat the Democrats. One area in which this is so evident is the passing of the Patriot Act. This law has affected many of our lives, in ways we never dreamed possible, when we first heard all the hype about it, when elected officials were trying to ramrod through for passage.
For me personally, the biggest adverse impact has been over my driver’s license cancellation. Because the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles made an error in their records—putting down the wrong birth date—my driver’s license was cancelled as a result. Now, almost two years later, they still refuse to reinstate my license, despite all my efforts to try to reason with them.

I recently also heard from a friend whose husband had his driver’s license cancelled when he went to renew. On his records, they had him listed as a non-citizen, and his name did not match all their records. They informed him he would have to furnish a birth certificate to verify his name. Now this is an American born citizen, past 50 years old, running his own business, paying a lot of taxes, and dependent upon driving to make a living.
This is his story. When he was a small child, his mother remarried and he took on the name of his stepfather. He used his step-father’s name instead of the name on his birth certificate throughout his entire life—on school and social security records, his license application, when buying property, and throughout all other areas of his life. I know him and he’s a very responsible person. He works hard to take care of his family and responsibilities, he’s an outstanding citizen in his community, and has a good driving record.
Now unable to drive, his wife had to drive him around for work-related jobs, which caused a hardship and added expense to carry on his business. His mother had a birth certificate, but the names were different. They live out of state. His limited option entailed going to the state where his parents lived and going through a court adoption procedure so his current records would match his name. That alone cost over two thousand dollars! Plus, his wife having to drive him over a thousand miles for the court appearance and the overall expense of the trip in very adverse weather.

He has waited months for his license reinstatement, causing many problems, not the least of which is all the extra expense of his wife having to drive him around to do his job, back home, then to pick him up again at the end of the day. With the ever-increasing price of gas, all this extra expense worked a hardship on their budget.

After months of waiting, just yesterday I received a note from her saying his cancelled license had been reinstated. Just one of many stories about the centralized government of the people, by the people and for the people, not protecting its people. Instead, it has caused decent, hard-working, law-abiding citizens cost and hardship.
These examples are a direct result of the voting of the so-called “conservative” Republicans in Congress. They have enacted the Patriot Act so state governments are eligible for more federal dollars, in addition to supporting the National Identification Act under the jurisdiction of non-elected officials of Homeland Security.

The government maintains driving is a privilege. Despite the fact there is no language in the Constitution that address this particular area, it does state, in essence, that citizens are free to travel from one state to another without hindrance. Therefore, I maintain we have a right to travel, and these restrictions, under the guise of political governmental powers of ‘privilege’ interferes with ones ‘right’ to travel.

What are our options under this socialized form of governing? We can give up the right to travel, adhere to all the bureaucratic hogwash they demand, or resist altogether. When their reasons for cancellation are so absurd and irrational, it’s a difficult, expensive bind to be arbitrarily placed in. Just one of the many areas of the erosion of our freedom, which is simply self-control and self- responsibility. How can one be responsible for that which another entity controls?
Let Freedom Ring!


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