In this election year, we hear, read and see more news reports, headlines, and articles about the economy. A sort of mantra, “it’s about the economy, stupid.”

Definitely, the state of our economic position plays a major role in what is happening in this country. Yet actually, our current plight is freedom versus a totalitarian state—freedom of the individual versus the controls of a centralized power of political government.
In the Soviet Union where methods of authoritarianism were used to teach children—instead of allowing one the freedom to think—the method was indoctrination into what to think in order to remain submissive to an authoritarian regime.
In this country, we started out with an emphasis on freedom of thought, reflected in the way children were educated. However, today, just over 200 years later, the education of our children has become a sort of forced feeding of information, slanted away from freedom of thought and individual freedom of self-control and self-responsibility…a perversion of the idea of freedom.

The anonymous and overt authority of the public school system replaces the authority of the parents and reduces their role to being subservient to the governmental agency of authority.
This overt authority is inexplicitly exercised by a “you must do this” attitude of expression, which pretends to hide the anonymous force being used.  This contradicts the individual authority of the parents.

As all of this was taking hold, there was a managed manipulation that led parents to believe that when they placed their children in the care of educators, the best interest of the child was the priority. Meaning it was the educators’ role to teach and protect the children while away from the primary care of the parents.
In schools, which extend to all other areas of our lives, a powerful suggestion apparatus is at work to increase one’s appetite to consume more and more and better things. I’m not suggesting that more and better things are a bad idea. Conversely, it can be a good thing.

It is the hidden agenda of a centralized governmental agency issuing policies and passing laws and edicts, which promotes deception to consumers. From the consumption of poisoned water, to contaminated foods, to life-threatening medicines, we have been led down a bridal path of believing the government is the trustworthy watchdog to oversee, check, and inform us of the truth about all out there on the market.
But we know political government is not a trustworthy entity—from daily reports of poisonous toys and contaminated foods to unhealthy water and dangerous vehicles—the protection of a citizenry that pays billions for this paternalistic oversight leaves us caught in a dangerous and dangling situation of deceit.
Despite these facts, we still have among us many ethical, honest and moral entrepreneurs and producers we depend on for our products of consumption. Yet there is still a growing problem that threatens the very survival of our society operating under the overt and covert guise of government protection—from baby formula, to peanut butter and spinach—that who we expect to inspect and to protect, flagrantly neglects to do so. In the meantime, the American people have become numbed out, with our heads in the sand, over this pervasive state of affairs.
We nourish an illusion and notion that everything done by the government is for our protection and well-being. When in actuality most is the very antithesis of that notion.
From the schooling of our children to the foods we eat, self-control and self-responsibility has been replaced by overt authority, hidden coercion, and manipulation.
This is not a theory. I, as one lone individual, see the reality of what is actually happening to this great country and freedom I love.
Let Freedom Ring!


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  1. Chrisg288 says:

    you are not alone. but perhaps you are the most eloquent voice of opposition!