France and the French people have always held a certain fascination for me. They always look so good. Maybe it’s because of their attention to fashion and wine drinking habits, or language that adds to their charm. Whatever the reasons, they always seem so trim and well dressed, and I think of them as being the most beautiful people. Perhaps some of my fascination goes back to the old movies starring Charles Boyer, and his sexy charm.
I’m glad the newly-elected head of their government is friendly toward the United States because the last President of France did not like us. That always bothered me because I have always felt fondly toward Lafayette, who came over here and did so much to help George Washington win the Revolutionary War against England.

However, there were times when De Gaulle was president that I would feel a bit squirrelly about France. I read about how he doodled bugged so much of gold out of this country. As history goes, it seems as with the changing of French government regimes, sometimes France likes the United States and sometimes it does not. Yet I’m so grateful we were on amenable terms when we fought the Revolutionary War because I believe Lafayette made a considerable contribution to the foundation of freedom in this country, when we broke from the tyranny of an oppressive government
Frequently, in articles about health, comparisons are made between the general health of those in France and the United states. There are cited differences relating to all kinds of health issues, particularly in the area of obesity. We have an alarming, mounting problem of excessive fat in this country. Conversely, (according to reports) the French seem to manage their weight much better than we do, despite the fact they are known for their great, rich tasting cuisine. Some suggest it’s because of their lifestyle of wine drinking. Some say this could be a contributing factor in weight control, as well as other health benefits, due to the compound resevatrol found in wine.
Everyday, dozens of reports come out that say, “this MAY prevent,” “this MAY cause,” “this particular food, drug, drink, or supplement MAY do this, that, and the other.” We are living in a very noncommittal era, whereby so many news items—whether political, economic, or health—begin by saying, “it MAY.” Therefore, we must sort through all the rhetoric and by trial and error, find out what is in our best interest to do or not do.
Interestingly, there is a large consensus agreeing on the health benefits of resevatrol, due to its contribution of assisting the digestive process of assimilation of foods we eat. The compound is also found in some other foods, like peanuts. Many Americans are allergic to peanuts though, and  there’s no kick to eating a peanut butter sandwich like there is with drinking a couple of glasses of wine.
Therefore, aside from their beautiful fashion, lovely language, outstanding art work, and helping us win our freedom over 200 years ago, the wines from France are the best in the world. Now we know that not only does the alcohol content make us feel better, it has a compound that contributes to our health. Well at least so the reports go. Viva La France!!
Let Freedom Ring!

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