I recently went for an eye checkup. The conclusion by the optometrist—no eyeglass prescription until I had cataract surgery.
Most of my life, I have steered clear of the druggist and the surgeon’s knife. I have an aversion to drugs and going under the knife. Never having any surgery, (except tonsils removed as a teenager), it seems lately I’m constantly running from doctors who want to replace parts of my body.
The eye examiner told me that the majority of people have cataract removal around the age of 60, and since I passed that milestone some time ago, he said I was lucky to have gone this long with out having it done. He suggested I might not have to wear glasses afterwards, because I seemed so healthy, and even seemed surprised I’m taking no kinds of medicine. I thought to myself if he had been reading all the reports I receive about the damaging effects of so many drugs on the market, he would be leery of them as well.
I do cook healthy meals, and take a lot of vitamins and mineral supplements. The other day I stayed on the computer so long I forgot to take supplements and when I went to bed, had leg cramps. I got up, took a potassium calcium-magnesium supplement, and fell asleep with no pain shortly afterward. I believe we must have everything in our bodies that’s in the Earth, including trace minerals of things like iodine and arsenic. I tell my body to let me know what it needs.
A few years back, I was craving asparagus, and that’s about all I ate for over a week. I read later that asparagus contains organic sulphur. Recently, all I wanted was eggs and cabbage, so I had eggs for lunch and creamed cabbage for dinner for several days. I read a report years ago that said both were comprised of organic sulphur. I do know silverware left with eggs on it will turn it dark, so there must be some mineral in it that causes that chemical reaction. My conclusion is that my body knows more about what it needs than many doctors…if I pay attention to it. I follow what my body dictates.
Nevertheless, parts do wear out probably due to some neglect along the way. About six months ago, I had surgery to remove some parts, add to others, and tack some up. After the optometrist explained the eye lens would be removed and replaced with another, I began thinking if enough was removed and replaced, I may wind up being a bionic woman. I could end up with radar eyes  and electronic ears and have to be wound up like a toy when I get out of bed every morning.
Listening to all the flailing ranting and raving from politicians, and sometimes thinking if their head was the size of their brain they could wear a peanut hull for a skull cap, I wondered if some of their parts might need checking out for consideration of additions or replacements. But soon came to the realization they mostly need an annual attitude check-up.
One good ole country boy once said he was glad everyone did not think like he did because every one would want his wife. In that connection, it’s a good thing we all do not want what the politicians think we do. And paying more attention to our own innate intelligence, rather than everything doctors and politicians say, we would most likely be better off. At least I think so.
And if there’s anyone else out there who might agree with this premise, I would be delighted to hear it. Or, even if you disagree.
Let Freedom Ring!

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0 Responses to Bionic Woman (Issue 6)

  1. Chrisg288 says:

    I agree… no surgery, no drugs, and don’t listen to doctors or politicians. try not to watch tv. stay away from processed items, be it food for the body or the mind.